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Magnetic Shielding Efficiency For Wiring Applications

Increasingly, many magnetic shielding applications today require a flexible, continuously enclosed shielding barrier to avoid pickup of external fields or radiation of interfering, unwanted fields. One of the key components to a successful solution is choosing the correct shielding alloy. Co-NETIC® AA has been used in many demanding applications and is one of the most recognized and specified brands of magnetic shielding alloy worldwide. Co-NETIC® AA alloy is a proprietary material known for high permeability and used for reducing EMI in electrical / electronic wiring applications such as: power feeds, aerospace, vehicle controls, test and measurement devices, audio-level interconnections, communication equipment, and hand-held devices. Co-NETIC® AA CABLE SHIELD is specified regularly for these types of applications across a broad range of industries as listed below.

Safety and Cost Savings for Space Heaters

The electric heater is one of the most common forms of heating in both residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Electric-powered heat is typically used more in warmer climates, such as areas that rarely see temperatures below 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason electric heaters are used more in warm climates is because it requires less electrical energy to heat warmer air than truly freezing air.

A Coil Heater for Your Every Need

An electric coil heater is a type of heater that uses electric energy to heat a coil of wire or other material to heat an object. Many industrial equipment pieces use electric coil heating systems for their heating operations. However, there are many different types of heating coils to choose from. Knowing the options available and the common uses for each electric coil heater can help a factory choose the best coil heater for their needs.

How to Install Duct Heaters

My cousin owns a heating and cooling company and often times in the summer and winter I would help him with jobs and projects that were too big for one man. In the process of helping him over my winter breaks, I learned quite a bit about the heating side of the HVAC industry and what components are needed in order to get the proper results desired. Initially I did not think this would be a difficult task to help him, but I soon learned of the importance and complexity of units we were working with.

The Many Benefits for Switching to Electric Industrial Heating Systems

An electric heater uses electrical energy to heat an area. Electric heaters can have several different heating methods, including radiant heat and air-warming heat. Depending on the type of work done in your factory and the local climate, different methods of electric heating may provide more benefits than others. No matter what kind of electric heaters you choose to use, however, there are a surprisingly large number of benefits that switching to electric heating can provide for industrial factories and buildings.

Keeping Industrial Drums Warm

My roommate has a weakness for chocolate. He keeps a bar of fancy stuff hidden away for a rainy day. Personally I have no idea how he has enough restraint to prevent himself from gobbling up the whole bar in a matter minutes. I know that’s what I would do. Well, along with materials such as tar, grease, wax, resin, grease and galantine, chocolate is one of those materials that rely on electric heaters when stored in industrial drums. Heaters uniformly warm these liquids to reduce the viscosity of thick liquids in preparation for mixing.

Preventing Thermal Heat Loss

If not properly insulated, a lot of energy can be lost through your air ducts. Insulated duct heaters or cooling ducts can significantly reduce unwanted heat loss or gain. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates this reduction can be up to about 30 percent. Non-insulated metal ducts bleed out large amounts of thermal energy. By insulating your metal ducts, you can save a significant amount of money on your energy bill.

Strip Heaters: Keeping Our Food Hot and Fresh

With the fast pace of American society it is hard for the average American family to sit down for a meal all the time. Most families have two parents with full time jobs and children who participate in some sort of after school activity. For those days where everyone in the family is either to busy, tired or lazy to cook up a meal there are a number of options for some quick take-out. Perhaps one of the best take-out deals is Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready. Low-quality pizza never tasted so good.

Guest at the Manor

For the past week my roommates and I have entertained a little guest in our manor. We are currently babysitting our friend’s Chinchilla to spare him the misery of our friend’s lack of air conditioning. Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains and are inhabit cooler environments. They can’t sweat so if the temperature rises above 80°F the rodent can overheat and get heat stroke. So he sits in our basement trapped a cage with two wire platforms and some hay to recreate his environment.

Enduring the Winter with Electric Heaters

With a house full of post graduate males we’ll try anything to save some money, especially on our heating bill. This past winter, in attempt to optimize the amount of disposable income we have each month my roommates and I decided we would try our best not to heat the house. We managed to make it most of the winter with out touching the thermostat which greatly lowered the bill, but it didn’t come without a chilly price. It’s hard to wake up every morning when your room is colder than your refrigerator. I started leaving warm clothes on my bed so I can roll into them in the morning before I attempt leaving my blanket sanctuary.

The Warming Plate Phenomenon

Warming plates, which are also known as hot plates, are utilized in a variety of commercial and residential environments, also commonly found in educational and scientific realms. These simple, readily accessible items are ideal for many applications. For example, caterers are very found of this ceramic heater because they often cook the food in one location and then transport it to another, and the warming plate is a perfect solution for keeping the food hot enroute and at the ovenless location. Another example would be in a high school science classroom, where students need to heat up various elements for science experiments in a safe and non-threatening fashion.

Representing Your Products Well

With so many successful industrial companies in the U.S. and Canada these days, as well as the ability to ship products nearly anywhere in the world very quickly, it can be difficult to maintain an edge on the competition. For example, the simplicity of specific electric heaters, such as air heaters, limits the amount of technological advancements that can be marketed, so instead air heater manufacturers must focus on selling other heater qualities. This could include the materials used to create the heaters, the various models the company is best known for creating, the high quality manufacturing of the heaters or simply a snazzy and eye-catching website. Regardless of the tactic used, the most important point air heater manufacturers need to remember is that drawing customers in is only half the battle; ensuring they are satisfied is the key to increasing a company’s quality scores and bring in more buyers.

For Your Custom Heating Needs

Fashioning electric heaters to suit the specific needs of a variety of industrial contexts is impossible, which is why custom design is a popular choice and therefore an option available at most electric heater manufacturing facilities. One of the more commonly customized electric heater models is the tubular heater, a heating device that is best known for its tube shape and ability to be immersed in liquid without damage. The main reason it is often customized has to do with its ability to fit into systems that are already built and being used, requiring more specific dimensions then are usually designed in standard forms.

Process Heaters and the Oil Industry

The processing of crude oil to prepare it for applications including automobiles, industrial machinery and a variety of other industrial, commercial and residential uses requires heat. The heat is achieved by way of process heaters. In essence, keeping the crude oil hot allows the separation of specific additives and chemicals in the oil which are used for different types of oil-based products. These different types include gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and heating oil as well as many others. Other elements in oil are also used as the building block substances for adhesives, detergents and solvents, as well as other everyday products utilized by the consumer market. Not only is the process going smoothly vital to the survival of a variety of industries, but the environmental responsibility of handling oil well also requires a careful hand.

Ceramic Heaters: The Classic Space Heater

My roommate has an impressively warm space heater that she grudgingly shares with me while watching TV in our very chilly living room. Nobody told me that being grown up meant freezing in your own home if you didn’t want to pay VERY high heating bills during the winter! However, thanks to my roomie and her space heater, which happens to be made with ceramic elements, I am surviving.

Electric Heaters: An Eclectic Bunch

You would be amazed to discover how many different types of electric heaters affect your daily life or help to produce products you use on a daily basis. Within the residential context, which is where most individuals will immediately recognize the positive traits of electric heaters, there are numerous styles that are used. Air heaters are often used for furnaces, which are able to heat whole homes or apartment complexes very comfortable. Ceramic heaters are usually used for portable space heaters, the heating choice for individuals with tighter budgets. These same sorts of electric heaters are also what make all commercial and industrial setting we step foot in bearable during the winter season.

Circulation Heaters: Needle in the Hay

The needle in the haystack metaphor is often used as a gentle way to tell someone that whatever they are waiting for or searching for is probably not going to come or be found. It’s all about the odds, and the odds don’t look good when something as small and thin as a needle is buried in a giant haystack full of small, thin pieces of hay. However, a match in a haystack would be a very different kind of metaphor. It is something very small that could none the less change the physical structure of the haystack in the snap of a finger, or more appropriately, strike against flint. Circulation heaters are like a match in the haystack, but instead of being a possible danger, they affect positive change for a large amount of substance.

Drum Heaters: The Heating of Vessels

Industrial drums are more common then the smaller versions used in domestic settings, which I am familiar with. However, the drum heaters that are able to heat whatever substance is inside a drum barrel, no matter how big or small, is essentially the same. The drum heaters that I have used and appreciated are crock pots and bottle warmers. Both of these drums are small enough to set on a counter top and both have to do with food, one for babies and one for all other ages. The bottle warmer is a metallic drum that is filled with water and heated to a very specific temperature so that the bottle of baby’s milk placed within it will reach that exact temperature too. A crock pot also requires very specific temperature controls since it slow cooks stew and related food and would not be worthwhile if it burned whatever was set in it to cook.

Strip Heaters: For Ovens and Conveyors Alike

Heating systems do not always look the way one would assume they should look. Personally, I have always thought that electric heaters looked like giant furnaces in the basement of a house or commercial building unless it was a small portable space heater, like most ceramic heaters. However, there is a much greater variety of electric heaters utilized in the industrial world as well as by consumers. A perfect example of how one style of heater can be used in two very different applications is the strip heater, used within ovens and conveyors alike.

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