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3 Types of EMI Shielding

EMI shielding, or electromagnetic shielding, as it is officially called, is the process of shielding an area or component from electromagnetic waves using a barrier of conductive or magnetic materials. This kind of shielding is necessary in a variety of applications, from protecting internal components of computers and other sensitive equipment from electromagnetic waves to protecting workers from harmful electromagnetic waves in a factory setting. EMI shielding companies are extremely important, as they provide many other industries with the ability to protect themselves from damaging electromagnetic waves. Most EMI shielding companies use a variety of shielding materials based on the use of the equipment to protect the space or the equipment from the harmful waves, including:

A Dimple Can Make All the Difference: Metal Dome Design

Metal domes underneath membrane switches help keep the membrane from remaining in contact with the key at all times. The domes also help conduct the electricity through the keypad, sending a clearer signal to the circuits of the unit, preventing misfiring and other problems that can occur when the circuitry is out of alignment. The dome design also retains a high level of buoyancy, which keeps the dome and key popping back into place after every press. These little metal domes are a vital part of any membrane-based design, and most membrane switch systems use domes for the above-mentioned reasons.

The 3 Types of Heating Element Manufacturers

Heating elements are essential to the operation of any heater. The heating element is the main source of heat production in any heater. In electric heaters, the heat is produced by a heating element powered by electricity. The heat is then distributed through resistance heating, induction heating, or electric heating. Depending on the type of heater, different heating element manufacturers will create different heating elements.

4 Types of Keyboard Switches

Keyboards are highly useful for a variety of tasks, from computers, to complicated industrial machines, to keypads for security locks and door closures. There are actually a variety of keyboard switch types, which are ideal for different kinds of circumstances and uses. Some of the most popular forms of keyboard switches include the dome switch, scissor switch, mechanical switch, and the buckling spring keyboard switch. Each type of switch is slightly different and provides different advantages.

Step Up Transformers for Reliable Power

As a society, electricity is in some ways our life blood. Relying on electricity for work, communication, industry and travel are only some instances that are affected. To properly operate, not all electronic products need the same amount of power. In some cases, it is necessary to increase (step up) electromotive force (EMF) or voltage. In order to accomplish this task a step up of power from a transformer is needed. There is a variety of step up transformers that are able to accomplish this effort and each is of varying size. Large transformers seen outdoors on electrical poles or outside of power plants are amongst the larger transformers. On the other hand, they may be as small as a transformer that plugs into a wall that is used to convert power for an x-ray machine that requires more voltage than a standard socket offers.

Advantages of AC-DC ‘Brick’ Power Modules

Compact DC-DC converters have made their way into millions of electronic products and systems. The vast majority of these depend upon an AC-DC power supply (metal box or chassis-mount) to convert the AC into a DC voltage from which the converters can operate. In addition, regulations have mandated that these power supplies include Power Factor & Harmonic Correction (PFHC) to maximize the available power from the power grid. Add to this the need to be as small as possible and to operate with in harsh ambient temperatures and the designer is faced with a problem that is not easily solved.

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