The 3 Types of Heating Element Manufacturers

Heating elements are essential to the operation of any heater. The heating element is the main source of heat production in any heater. In electric heaters, the heat is produced by a heating element powered by electricity. The heat is then distributed through resistance heating, induction heating, or electric heating. Depending on the type of heater, different heating element manufacturers will create different heating elements.
In general, there are three main kinds of heating element manufacturers. Some manufactures create several types of heating elements at their facilities, while others create one type of heating element or heater. It all depends on the company and what they produce. However, no matter what the manufacturer makes, they will make at least one of the three following heating element types:
NiChrome coil or ribbon: NiChrome is a mixture of nickel and chrome. NiChrome heating elements is often used in resistance heating elements. The metal is both flexible and strong, and has the capability of holding high temperatures. Even while white hot, the metal will not oxidize, which is why it remains a popular choice for heating elements for any use.
Sealed ceramic: Sealed ceramic is perhaps the most stable form of heating element. Ceramic heats quickly and retains heat for extended periods, making it one of the most efficient forms of heating elements. Many ceramic heating elements also contain NiChrome metal inside, which helps heat the ceramic from the inside.
Incandescent quartz tubes: Incandescent quartz tubes are exactly what they sound like. These heating elements are basically tubular incandescent bulbs with quartz inside to help maintain the heat. This kind of heating element is most often seen in radiant heating systems where the production of heat requires a gentle approach to prevent overheating.
When you look for a heating manufacturer, ensure they manufacturer the correct heating element for your needs before starting a relationship with that company.