Step Up Transformers for Reliable Power

As a society, electricity is in some ways our life blood. Relying on electricity for work, communication, industry and travel are only some instances that are affected. To properly operate, not all electronic products need the same amount of power. In some cases, it is necessary to increase (step up) electromotive force (EMF) or voltage. In order to accomplish this task a step up of power from a transformer is needed. There is a variety of step up transformers that are able to accomplish this effort and each is of varying size. Large transformers seen outdoors on electrical poles or outside of power plants are amongst the larger transformers. On the other hand, they may be as small as a transformer that plugs into a wall that is used to convert power for an x-ray machine that requires more voltage than a standard socket offers.
In order to accomplish the proper step up needed to operate. The principle of electromagnetic induction is necessary. However, before the EMF or voltage can be changed there must be a step up transformer to perform the task. Alternating current or AC is necessary to the use of transformers, opposed to direct current (DC). Faraday’s Law of Induction explains the process of changing magnetic fields into an electric current in a wire and vice-versa. A pair of wire coils is wrapped inside of the transformer. Theses are referred to as a primary and secondary coil. The primary takes in the current and the secondary sends it out with higher voltage. The amount that the current is stepped up is dependent on the turn ratio of the primary to the secondary coils, this ratio will determine how little or great the voltage will be upped.
Step Up Transformers

Photo Courtesy of Johnson Electric Coil Company

The entire electrical grid runs on alternating current and one of the main advantages is the use of transformers. As electricity moves throughout the power grid it loses some of its momentum to keep a consistent power or voltage needed. Therefore, transformers can provide a step up in power at each point on the grid, resulting in a consistent power source quickly and efficiently. This also allows for the electricity to travel as the voltage is needed and desired at a low cost that is reliable and safe. To ensure safety while utilizing step up transformers precautions have to be made. For instance, with electricity constantly flowing through these devices get hot. To keep them cool oil baths or fans are used along with metal that is able to withstand high temperatures.
Regardless of the size, transformers bring us the electrical power needed to function with our devices we need, want and love to use. From small socket transformers used while traveling or at the doctors to large step up transformers outside of a power plant, each is necessary to power the world efficiently and effectively. The next time you are out and about or in a plant that utilizes transformers see if you can point one out. To successfully use the amount of electricity desired, step up transformers are essential for safe, reliable and ready use.