Beekeeping with Cardboard

Cardboard Tubes

Do you know about the versatility of small cardboard tubes? There are hundreds of uses for the tubes, from housing toilet paper, paper towels, mailing tubes, and other commercial uses to a variety of other uses, such as insulation for pipes and a variety of other uses inside factories and manufacturing plants.

One use for small cardboard tubes is unique and surprisingly useful. Some cardboard tubes are specifically designed for beekeepers. These tubes are stacked together into a hexagonal shape much like bees create in their own hives. Placed in the correct locations, the tubes will attract bees to nest inside the tubes. Bees are often attracted to the tubes when they are placed in sheltered locations, such as under decks, inside stumps, and under home eves. The tubes are a little different from the standard cardboard tubes used for other uses. These tubes would break and come apart when exposed to outdoor weather conditions.

The bee tubes have a special protective coating that prevents the tubes from breaking down from weather. The coating also makes it easier for bees to build their nests inside the cardboard tubes. Many beekeepers use these tubing systems to house bees so they can harvest the honey for personal use or sale. The tube design makes it easy to cut them open and harvest the honey inside with little difficulty or danger from bee stings. Some cardboard tubes are even slightly transparent so beekeepers can see the bees at work and keep track of how many bees belong to each colony.