Why Brass?

Brass is an ancient metal, and is actually one of the first metal compounds ever created by man. Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, which has a harder finish than copper alone. Brass is often used in decorative uses, because it can achieve a high level of shine and can withstand minor bumps and scratches.favicon

Brass name plates are one popular use for brass products. Even though brass is more expensive than some other materials, like aluminum, brass is still the common choice for a variety of name plate applications. While there are many reasons to choose brass name plates above other metals, some of the most common reasons are outlined below:

Brass is attractive: Brass is pretty and gives the appearance of class and polish to name plates. Brass is an elegant metal that can have a burnished finish or a shiny mirror-like finish.

Brass is robust: Brass is a durable and malleable metal that can withstand both outdoor and indoor environments. With regular polishing, the metal will maintain its shine and texture for years.

Brass is corrosion resistant: Brass can resist saltwater, chemicals, solvents, water, tarnishing, extreme temperatures, and corrosion. All of these properties make brass an excellent choice for name plates.

Brass will not spark: Brass is the ideal material for nameplates used in explosive environments. Brass cannot conduct sparks, which makes it highly useful in areas with a high likelihood of exploding or sparking.

For these reasons and more, brass will continue to be the metal of choice for nameplates above lower-priced metals.