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Cooked Meats and Stadium Seats

Blow molders mainly produce plastic bottles. However, production is not limit to hollow plastic containers. In earlier blog posts I have written about blow molded Halloween and Christmas shapes as well as many toys for toddlers. Stadium seating is another one of the products blow molders produce that aren’t some sort of container. When first examined stadium seats look likefavicon one of the most uncomfortable chairs ever designed. However once you park your caboose in one of these bad boys you’ll find it quite the opposite or at least I did.

As I am sure is true with most Americans, I’ve sat in stadium style seats on numerous occasions. From watching professional sports teams to music concerts I’ve enjoyed the strangely not uncomfortable blow molded plastic seats. Over the years various Red Wings, Tigers and Lug Nuts games all start to blend together. However going to Van Andel Arena and watching the Griffins play on Friday nights has left a lasting impression on me. Although this may be solely because it’s the most recent sports event I have attended apart from taking campers to Tigers games.

Every Griffins Friday home game Van Andel Arena has a dollar beer, dollar hot dog deal. For those of you who don’t know the Griffins is the AHL affiliate to the Detroit Red Wings. The AHL is the primary developmental circuit for the NHL. Now I’ve only been to about two or three Friday games but it has been packed ever time I go. The concession lines go on for miles. The dollar deal is only available until eight o’clock so my friends and I do the Griffins line trick.

The line trick entails waiting in line until you get to the front, and then you order two beers (two is the limit for hotdog and beer orders at this time). Once you receive your beverages you get back in line. By the time you get back to the front of the line your beers are finished and you can buy two more beers and some hotdogs. After this ordeal, it’s time to enjoy the Hockey game. Sometimes they wear a jersey similar to the redwings so the atmosphere feels like the red wings, but it is much less expensive to get in.