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The Eco-Friendly Trimmings of Aluminum

Take a moment and observe the numerous places aluminum trim is used in and on your house and vehicle and you will quickly realize how often this metal alloy is used. Aluminum has increasingly become the preferred metal for many industries, particularly the construction, architecture, engineering and automobile industries. Though aluminum has always been a commonly-used alloy due to its high corrosion resistance and attractive aesthetics, the reason for its growing popularity is specifically due to the widespread growing interest and sensitivity to environmentally friendly standards of living that is catching on throughout the United States and the world.

More so than any other metal, aluminum is considered to meet or exceed today’s environmental standards. This is true for various reasons, one of which is aluminum’s high resistance to weather conditions and extreme temperatures—consequently requiring less maintenance and repairs. Aluminum’s light weight also benefits the environment, particularly relative to automobiles—the lighter the vehicle, the less fuel is required to get from point A to point B. Furthermore, manufacturing aluminum trim can be done quickly and efficiently, by way of the extrusion process, which can either be performed by way of direct extrusion or indirect extrusion—though the former option is the most commonly employed, indirect extrusion offers the advantages of low power consumption and high durability. The fact that aluminum is also highly recyclable also must be mentioned.

Because of these traits, aluminum is used for a wide range of contexts and applications, both for structural aspects and decorative aspects. Aluminum trim, more specifically, is commonly used as accents for the outside of homes and building, in addition to small details of a vehicle. The 6063 aluminum is the preferred grade for the construction industries, as it is especially resistant to weather and temperature and is highly capable of standing the test of time without much maintenance.