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A Close-Up on Aluminum Profiles

I loved using cookie cutters as a child. It felt, in a way, like a shortcut or a cheat sheet to perfection. Being the younger, less competent and skilled sister to my older, wizened brother usually left me always playing catch-up. And before our parents bought us a set of cookie-cutters we were left attempting to form the desired shapes with our own two hands. For my brother this didn’t seem to be a problem, as his nimbler fingers created relatively accurate representations of the intended Christmas trees, hearts, stars and gingerbread men. For me, though, this was a challenge, it I was usually brought to tears when my baked and finished product looked like indecipherable lumps next to my brother’s little realistic masterpieces (this was, unfortunately, before I developed an appreciation for abstract art). Like cookie cutters, the various molding and framing tools included in my play dough set also delighted my little mind— to be able to recreate a precise shape with such precision seemed like an anal retentive cat’s pajamas.favicon

Just like cookie cutters and play dough sets, metal manufacturers have tools to help them make parts with repetitive accuracy. These are called profiles. Aluminum profiles, specifically, are extruded stock shapes of aluminum used to form aluminum parts and products, such as trip caps, angles, rods, channels and bars. Because of the wide variety of aluminum products, aluminum profiles come, respectively, in many different sizes and configurations. They are not only available in basic, stock shapes, but are also available in custom designs for such products and applications like car and electronic parts, window frames, fitness machines, hardware components, as well as many others. In addition to the industrial manufacturing industries, aluminum framing as valued by the construction, automotive, medical and furniture industries, as well. Aluminum profiles are usually made from 6061, 6063 and 1100 grade aluminum.

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