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AGV – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

As I have stated in a past blog automatic guided vehicles (AGV) have begun to come into fruition for the general public. Automatic guided vehicles manufacturers are no longer limited to the warehouses and factories they once were. As I stated previously in my trip to China I saw the AGV technology on their high speed trains. However, I have also witnessed AGV technology at airports on their shuttle systems from terminal to terminal.

The AGV technology for medium to large loads of people over long distances such as trains and shuttles are not as developed as the AGV systems inside of factories or in the yards which they are worked. The supervised space for AGV in and around factories is much easier to control and monitor. However, as laser and magnetic technology are developing larger systems in public transportation evolving to further cultivate this new for of AGV. Eventually, the practice will be just as reliable and safe on all scales of AGV.

I have no doubt that AGV manufacturers will be capable of any size project in the future. Since 1953, when AGV was initially brought to light, several different vehicle forms of guidance and avenues of use have been utilized, all in less than 60 years. Since the preliminary warehousing of AGV, AGV has tapped the pharmaceutical industry, chemical, manufacturing, automotive, food and beverage, paper and print, hospital along with the public transportation. Not only is that impressive for a fairly new industry, but it is promising for making our lives more cost effective and safer as it has in the industrial world. The possibilities for AGV technology are limitless; the only barrier in the foreseeable future is time. What do you think the next step will be for AGV manufacturers and their technology?