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Friction Hinges in a Fixed Position

Have you ever slammed a door on accident and wished you could have had a hinge that held steady in an open fixed position, allowing for less wiggle room? To more easily visualize this instance, imagine the free flowing motion of a door in your house or office. Then contrary think about the way a laptop case hinge functions. Both are responsible for opening and closing, but each hinge performs differently. The door moves fluidly with no guarantee of staying open in a fixed position. The laptop case also moves smoothly, but does not require a prop to hold open in one position, it can self sustain an open position effortlessly.

Wire Rope: A Rock Climber’s Best Friend

For the past year, my younger brother has been backpacking around New Zealand, sleeping in a tent, working on farms and climbing mountains. From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s been an amazing adventure in one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth. The older sister in me, though, is always a little bit worried. I imagine him scaling the sides of steep rock formations or climbing his way to the top of Mount Cook, and I realize how much more of a thrill seeker he is than me. While I would prefer he take up a more relaxing outdoor sport like fishing, the fact that he’s well equipped for belaying allows my mind to rest easy. Instead of relying on a good grip and foot holding, most rock climbers these days use an effective system consisting of a harness, pulley and belay loop, which are all attached to a sturdy climbing rope. Belaying ensures the climbers won’t fall very far in case they slip off a rock.

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