Laptop Computers and their Personal Friction Hinge

One item I am not complete without is my laptop computer. I use it everyday after work and it accompanies me on every trip (even if it is only a one or two day trip). One aspect of this device I am really thankful for is the friction hinges. Friction hinges are a type of hinge designed to allow for controlled movement. While many door hinges, like those on screen doors, allow the door to snap shut after it is no longer held, friction hinges prevent this from happening. They keep the item opened to the same level it was. This is very important for products like laptops that contain sensitive screens. If the product was able to simply snap shut once someone let go of the top, the screen could easily be damaged. The friction hinges not only allow the computer to stay open during use, but are able to protect it as well once it is done being used.
Friction hinges are also often referred to as constant torque hinges. They are called this because they require more torque to rotate than most other models, yet not so much that they are difficult to rotate. Due to the wide amount of varieties available, applications used for and their advanced nature, friction hinges are among the most complex in the hinge family. It is their duality of fluid motion and angle retention that is able to set this model apart from all other hinges. Other products that can easily make use of this characteristic include movable vehicle sun visors, portable DVD players, certain building doors like loading docks and more. Although these products offer many advantages, the one disadvantage they have is that they do wear down and fail more easily. The frequent opening and closing can wear them down to the point that they will no longer be usable. Progress on this fault is being made though, and many manufacturers are now able to offer guarantees.