The Benefits of Wire Mesh Shelves

Most manufacturing companies and warehouses have to use shelves for at least some part of the daily business. Shelves are used to hold parts, materials, equipment, and other supplies when not directly on the factory line. While there are a variety of styles of shelves available, one of the best materials for industrial shelves is wire mesh.
Wire mesh is made from a variety of metals and in varying weave sizes. Most shelves use a sturdy metal, like galvanized or stainless steel and have larger holes than mesh used for separating materials. Mesh wire shelves can add the following benefits to your product storage:
Strong load capacity: Mesh wire is surprisingly strong, even though it does not look like it can handle large weight loads. Depending on the type of material and the mesh size, the shelves can hold twice the weight of other shelves, and sometimes even more.
Good weight dispersion: The mesh design makes it easy to distribute weight across the shelf. This eliminates the possibility of the shelf sagging in one spot due to the concentration of weight in that area.
Easy to clean: The mesh pattern is easy to clean by wiping down or by spraying down with a hose. The holes in the shelves make it even easier to keep the shelves clean because dust has a harder time accumulating on the shelf.
Increased sanitation: Because dirt has a harder time remaining on a shelf with holes, mesh wire shelves are some of the most sanitary shelving types that exist today. Even sanitation conscious industries, like the medical industry, can make use of wire shelves because of their sanitary design.
Easy to see products: The holes in the wire make it easy to view the product on the shelves from all angles. This helps make inventorying much easier and also reduces the chance that a product will become lost and remain unused.