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Vibratory Feeders Act as the ‘Hands’ for Many Manufacturing Processes

Vibratory bowl feeders are considered the oldest yet still most used automated industrial parts feeding solution. The basic design of the machine is a feeder bowl configured with a spiral track and equipped with a vibrating drive unit. As parts are fed into the bowl, the vibrating motion facilitates the sorting. Parts are vibrated onto the track and only correctly oriented ones leave the bowl. The track is designed to ensure consistent, repeatable positions, according to specified requirements. Incorrectly positioned parts are pushed back into the bowl to be redistributed. Vibratory bowls are great solutions for small parts handling. For example, washers, being small in diameter and quite thin, could have a tendency to overlap on top of each other. Not with the right vibratory feeder! The specially configured track will feed in a single row every time. There is no double-feeding because the parts that try to override others are pushed back into the bowl. Continue reading

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