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Source 21, Inc.: The Source of Variety

Sound Beach, New York is home to one of the most exceptional stainless steel coil and strip manufacturers in the industry. Our rolling, slitting, and edging have become some of the premier services throughout the field. Source 21, Inc. ® is an ISO 9001 certified domestic producer and processor of stainless steel coil and strip. Our very specialized capabilities are sure to match your needs. To ensure conformance to rigid specifications, our highly specialized capabilities include slitting, edging, temper-rolling, tight tolerance gauge controlling, cut-to-length, polishing and protective coating. As a global supplier of stainless steel coil and strip, we service the following industries: aerospace and aviation, food and beverage, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and appliances. Continue reading

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Milling About: Stainless Steel Tubing

I think if we ever got to see a list of everything into which stainless steel is incorporated, and all of the products made from stainless steel it would be an overwhelming sight. That is because we rely so heavily on stainless steel for its durability, adaptability, style, and integrity. Stainless steel doesn’t just appear ready-made, however; there is a lot of work that goes on to make stainless steel as fabulous as it is. Continue reading

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Stainless Steel and the Space Program

With the nature of the United States’ ambitions for space exploration changing, I wonder how much the number of lab experiments will increase. Granted, NASA has always done experiments in labs to determine how something might or might not work once it’s in space, but now that the Space Program as we knew it over the last half-century has changed, will NASA continue to conduct all manner of interesting experiments where recreating the conditions of space is the name of the game? Continue reading

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The Business of Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturing

When nurturing and maintaining a successful business, stainless steel tube manufacturers, like any manufacturer, have two separate but essential features to consider: the factory workers and the sales team; both must be given an equal amount of reflection and respect, because both are vital to how well any given manufacturer will do. As a lack of demand for stainless steel tubing is not going to happen any time soon—even despite a suffering economy—stainless steel tube manufacturers will maintain a level of relevancy in today’s modern society and so will will only have each other to compete against. A stainless steel tube manufacturer that provides a healthy, happy work environment for both its factory workers and sales team will, no doubt, be more successful than one that does not. Continue reading

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Penn Stainless Products, Inc. Provides Speciality Stainless Steel

Penn Stainless Products, Inc. has fabrication experiences dating back to 1949. We are located in Quakertown, Pennsylvania in a 120,000 square foot facility where they offer a full line of services. Over the years we have been recognized as a reliable supplier of a variety of stainless steel products. Our company is your one-stop-shop for all of your stainless steel needs. Our secondary services include: shear cutting, saw cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, gauer processing, machine cutting, sheet leveling, plate leveling, polishing, grinding, pipe threading and more. We take the extra steps necessary to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality products possible. Continue reading

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Protecting Radioactive Waste with Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless steel tubing manufactured by SS tubing suppliers is used for a variety of purposes, including construction framework, automotive bodies, structural supports, machine parts, and even transportation containers. Stainless steel tubing is often used to transport items that are dangerous to transport using other containers, such as corrosive materials, chemicals, and even radioactive waste. Continue reading

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Why Stainless Steel? Facts, Applications and Compositions by Eagle Stainless Tube

The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in materials selection. Engineers, specifiers and designers often underestimate or overlook these values because of what is viewed as the higher initial ost of stainless steel. However, over the total life of a project, stainless is often the best value option. Stainless steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is the addition of chromium that gives the steel its unique stainless, corrosion resisting properties. The chromium content of the steel allows the formation of a tough, adherent, invisible, corrosion-resisting chromium oxide film on the steel surface. If damaged mechanically or chemically, this film is self-healing, rovided that oxygen, even in very small amounts, is present. The corrosion resistance and other useful properties of the steel are enhanced by increased chromium content and the addition of other elements such as molybdenum, nickel and nitrogen. Continue reading

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