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Hot Vs. Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is a form of steel that is rolled to the final dimensions when the metal is well-below scaling temperatures. Cold rolling allows for more accurate metal forming because the metal does not shrink after it is rolled to the final dimensions. Hot rolled steel engineering must account for the amount of shrinkage that the metal will have after the metal cools below 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading

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The Bulk of Why We Love Stainless Steel Rods

My dad is an artist who prefers to buy his materials in bulk and, in many cases, rather unrefined, in so that he may break them down or mold them into the precise shape and size that best fits his personal preferences. This is similar to stainless steel rods and why people and industries prefer to purchase their stainless steel in rod form as opposed to a less or more refined form. Continue reading

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New Stainless Steel Adjustable Rod Guide

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products has added a new adjustable rod guide to their product line. It is the 710SS, in many cases it is not desirable to weld steel to stainless so SPEP has created a new rod guide in stainless steel. Now a stainless steel NEMA enclosure can be produced without the trouble of welding a steel part to the stainless steel. This allows for easy production of enclosures as well as a completely corrosion resistant system. SPEP has received an ISO 9000 certification so high quality parts can always be guaranteed. Continue reading

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