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Types of Gear Materials

As most people know, gearboxes are designed to increase the output torque or speed of a motor. The shaft of the motor attaches to the gearbox and creates a specific output speed and torque that is pre-determined by the gear ratio. Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Choose Angle Gear Boxes

All gear boxes are not created equal. Some gear boxes are designed to work with a select type and size of engine only, while others are designed for more versatile use. One of the most versatile types of gear boxes is the angle gear box. Continue reading

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Shaft-Mounted Conveyor Drivers

If you’ve ever been inside an airport, then chances are you’ve seen and probably have used a moving sidewalk. Most airports have these to regulate the flow of foot traffic and aid passengers who must carry heavy luggage a considerable distance. Airports are probably the most common place to find these people conveyors but many malls, zoos and museums have them as well. Moving sidewalks are only a small genre of the overall conveyor category (if they can even be technically considered a conveyor). Conveyors are mainly used in material handling and typically either have a series of metal rollers or a rubber belt on which materials are conveyed. Continue reading

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The Highly Efficient Right Angle Gear Boxes

Sometimes, positioning makes all the difference in the world. How a thing is assembled can affect a plethora of factors, specific points depending on what type of product is being discussed and how it is being used in an industrial, residential or commercial context. Often we as individuals, as well as company owners in industrial and commercial arenas, do not care how it works as long as it does so efficiently. This is why the right angle gear box, which is a type of speed reducer used in a variety of machines that utilize engines, is so popular. It is one of the most efficient speed reducers on the market today, and because engine run machines are prevalent in every context, the right angle gear box is everywhere. Continue reading

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