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The Air Option

While it can go by other names such as a fluid film bearing, most often it is referred to as the linear air bearing. This type of bearing is a frictionless bearing. It uses a thin film of pressurized air which is able to support a load while at the same time providing free motion in the necessary direction. They are able to provide a major advantage in certain industries because of their ability to provide a thin layer of air between the machine and the bearing. This makes for no contact between the items which will result in no friction, static, wear or heat generation. Further, they will not require lubrication as many of the other models will. Continue reading

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Options and Options

Creating smooth and efficient movement can be incredibly difficult. However, with the use of linear bearings, this process continues to become easier and easier. In rotary situations, these products are used to provide smooth and low friction motion across a straight line. And, because such a wide variety of applications require this type of movement, suppliers have countless versions available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and other modifications. From roller bearings to needle bearings to pillow block linear bearings and everything in between, the perfect option to provide simple motion is available. Continue reading

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Precision Linear Bearings: It’s all about the Details

I have always been a big detail girl. When I clean, every inch of the space must be spotless and when I watch a movie, the lighting, couch configuration, popcorn and candy combination must all be just right for the best possible movie watching experience. Attention to details, which means practicing precision, is not only a characteristic of type A oldest children. It is also something that a number of industrial applications demand. Continue reading

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The Tiny Applications for Miniature Linear Bearings

When discussing industrial products, most people must imagine large pieces of machinery and equally large metallic structures created by them. The word “industrial” suggest strength and size. However, this is not always the case. Many industrial products, which are used as parts in larger systems, are actually small enough to be considered miniscule. They have become more relevant and prevalent in recent years as the demand for technologically advanced gadgets has increased. One example is miniature linear bearings, which can be as small as a single millimeter. Its size does not affect how significant it can be to the workings of important devices though. Continue reading

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Del-Tron Precision, Inc. – Experts in Linear Motion

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. has been manufacturing linear motion devices since 1974 and over the years we have created durable components for modern industrial equipment. Our company is a global supplier of devices for a wide range of applications including: semiconductor processing equipment, assembly systems, scientific instruments, computer peripherals, medical diagnostic equipment and more. Del-Tron Precision, Inc. utilizes a low friction design in our linear ball slides and crossed roller slides which results in a reduced coefficient of friction of .003. Our items are engineered with a lightweight aluminum carriage which allows the bearing to handle a high load capacity. Continue reading

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Defining Linear Bearings

You are always taught to not use the word that you are defining in the definition, but when it comes to defining linear motion devices it is extremely difficult to do. Let me see what I can do. Linear motion is responsible for moving objects in a linear fashion. Nope, couldn’t do it there. A linear motion bearing device is used to allow motion of an object in a linear direction. No, not there either. The problem is that linear motion is so very essential to what a linear motion bearing device is that it is practically impossible to separate that phrase from the description and still have an accurate definition.
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Del-Tron Precision Launches New Website with Tools for Linear Motion System Design

Del-Tron Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of precision linear motion devices, has launched a new website that provides engineers with an unprecedented array of design tools. The new website enables users to identify products based on a wide range of criteria, calculate life and moment loads, download solid models and order products. ‘Our goal with the new website is to put all of the information needed at the fingertips of the design engineer to develop an optimized linear motion solution in much less time than was required in the past,’ said Emil Melvin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Del-Tron Precision. .. Continue reading

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