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Thread Terminology

Many industrial fasteners are built like traditional screws. However, even in a simple screw design, one industrial fastener can perform vastly different from another. Without the knowledge of the different types of thread terminology associated with the different industrial fastener types, it is impossible to know how to select the right fastener for the job. Some of the basic terminology associated with threaded fasteners includes: Continue reading

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Getting a Grip on Effective Manufacturing Techniques

Whether you’re an artist, web developer, shoe cobbler or the president of these United States, keeping your head above the water can be tough going during these current economically challenging days. Being a fastener manufacturer is no different. And as a fastener manufacturer, you must ask yourself how you can get customers in YOUR door and not your competitor’s door while keeping in mind that your competitors our asking themselves the same question. No matter what you’re selling—from your image to a stainless steel screw—certain basic business methods need to be applied in order to remain a viable player in this dog-eat-dog world of ours. Continue reading

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The Makings of the Industrial Fastener

The Industrial Revolution changed our world in many different ways, particularly with job creation, how much money the average joe made and, apparently, how many babies he had with his average jane, as the population spiked shortly thereafter. Our country is made up of many different kinds of industries, and within those various industries, there are many varying equipment, machines, tools and parts, including screws, nuts and bolts— or, simply, fasteners. Continue reading

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How to Choose an Industrial Fastener Manufacturer

Industrial fasteners are exactly what they sound like. These fasteners hold industrial equipment together with screws, rivets, nails, clamps, and other fastening mechanisms. Many industrial fastener manufactures create fasteners either for a specific industry, such as the automotive industry, or create a wide variety of fasteners for a large number of industries. Both types of industrial fastener manufacturers can provide the prefect fit for your business, but it is important to ensure each company aligns with the following criteria before you decide to work with that company on a permanent basis. Continue reading

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Cost Justification and Reliability Benefits of Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners

Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners are bolt tightening devices that have been around for over a decade. Although the concept is relatively simple, these tensioners have many benefits that are not commonly known. They have proven to be economical in terms of cost and in terms of equipment reliability, which will be the focus of this paper… Continue reading

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