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Anywhere You Need Us: Himes Service Company, Inc.

At Himes Service Company, Inc., your success is our success. Founded in Waco, Texas, by Buddy Himes, Himes Service Company has been providing expertise for our customers since 1997. Your one-stop shop, Himes Service Company has all of your recycling equipment needs. We are the only stop you need to make for all new and used equipment, parts and service. Himes Service Company provides sales and service on most major brands of scrap processing and recycling equipment including balers, conveyors, shredders, sort systems, chip processors, densifiers, and shears. Continue reading

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International Baler Corporation: Helping Companies Recycle

International Baler Corporation has over 60 years of experience with converting industrial waste from a necessary cost into an added stream of profits through recycling. We have been a leader in design and manufacturing of commercial and industrial recycling equipment, shipping worldwide. We offer the largest and most diversified product line in the industrial baler industry and have over 150 years of combined experience in engineering and manufacturing in this industry. Continue reading

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Harmony Enterprises, Inc: Solid Waste Management

Harmony Enterprises, Inc. is a third generation family business on the cutting edge of solid waste management. Our company was started over 40 years ago and set the standards in the industrial baling industry early on. We have now become a global leader in designing and manufacturing solid waste equipment. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and pride ourselves on producing equipment that protects the environment and ensures a more beautiful world for the generations to come. We are located in Harmony, Minnesota and focus on key items of quality, customer service, and safety. Continue reading

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Industrial Balers to Protect the Environment

Whenever I see footage or a photo of a sea animal caught in a trash bag, or a plastic ring that was used to hold pop bottles, I get one of the worst sinking feelings in my stomach. It is so tragic that a simple piece of garbage can have such negative effects if not disposed of. When a dolphin or shark gets caught in one of these, it will often get entangled and suffocate. Often, it is a complete accident. It may not have been littering, the bag might have blown out of the truck as it was on its way to be recycled. Today, you can never be too careful when protecting the environment from further damage. To prevent loose articles from escaping, balers can often be employed. Continue reading

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Speeding up the Recycling Process with Metal Balers

Global warming was once just hollow words to most of us. Now, it is finally being regarded as a tragic fact by nearly everyone. True, many people do still hold out against this saying its some crackpot theory or government hoax, but luckily those numbers are few and being lessened everyday. As temperatures of the ocean rise, killing off our reefs and slowly melting all of the artic glaciers, people are beginning to try to play their part. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by recycling. After the products are turned in, before the recycling process actually begins, the products are usually baled. Continue reading

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Compacting For A Brighter Future

Waste management is a huge problem facing the world today, especially when it comes to the monumental amount of industrial waste produced across the planet. The topic reminds me of images from movies set in the future like Idiocracy and Wall-E. I can clearly picture the eerie landscapes, those mountains and mountains of trash. And it’s frightening because it’s not such a far-fetched idea. It’s hard to say what shape our planet will be in hundreds of years down the line, but we do have technology to help prevent that bleak outcome. We have machines such as industrial compactors, which significantly reduce the volume of industrial waste. Continue reading

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