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Aqua Systems Produces Innovative Heat Exchangers

Aqua Systems offers the best liquid to refrigerant heat exchangers on the market. Part of what makes our products so great is that we are an owner run corporation with experienced staff, all who have been with the company for at least a decade. Our exceptionally high retention rate adds to the quality and reliability of our products that would not be possible with larger companies or less experienced workers. Finally, the small size of our business allows us to treat customers with superior service and attention, something that is a top priority for us. Read more… Continue reading

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Exceptional Quality and Short Lead times from Enerquip, LLC

For over 40 years, Enerquip, LLC has designed and fabricated high quality shell and tube heat exchangers. We have experience with a wide range of applications and can create a custom solution for your heating and cooling needs. “When Schedule Counts” is our motto here at Enerquip and we offer lead times that are typically half the time of the industry standard. Our daily focus is to ensure that we provide innovative designs, quick service, short lead times, and top of the line quality. Our exchangers are a step above the rest, offering design features that make operation easy and are constructed from only high quality materials, like stainless steel. Continue reading

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PRE-Heat, Inc.: Unmatched Knowledge of Heat Exchangers

Here at PRE-Heat, we have over 23 years of experience with heat exchangers and packaged heat recovery systems. Our company prides ourselves on knowing the business and understanding that customers want more than just the standard packaged heat exchanger. Which is why we are one of the premier custom heat exchanger manufactures that offers the applications you need with your heat exchanger. Continue reading

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Innovation and Technology with Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc.

Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc. has been a leader in the heat exchanger industry since our inception. Offering products such as intercoolers and after coolers, fan cooled units, motor and generator coolers, as well as a diverse array of other products we have built ourselves a reputation based on excellent customer service and exceptional product value. Our engineers and technicians possess the capability and the know-how, which you can count on, to design for you, a custom product that is perfectly tailored to fit your unique, individual needs. Continue reading

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HEXECO, Inc. Designs Affordable and Proficient Heat Exchangers

Our company is a privately-held corporation with experiences in designing specialized bearing oil coolers. HEXECO, Inc. was founded in 1976 and our company has manufactured a number of innovations over the years. Our reliable staff is highly trained in providing long-lasting cooling solutions for generators and motors. Our team can also improve the functionality and efficiency of existing cooling equipment. HEXECO, Inc. offers quick turnaround on all of our orders and we will work with you to provide a specialized solution for your applications. Continue reading

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Recuperating Waste Heat with Heat Exchangers

With all the ‘green’ alternative energy, recycling and sustainable manufacturing facilities popping up across the U.S., it seems only fitting to talk about heat exchangers. Recycling re-usable materials like aluminum, steel, HDPE, rubber and pulp products is a topic of frequent discussion in both consumer and manufacturing industries, but what about energy recycling? Industrial facilities and process manufacturers in pharmaceutical, bio-diesel, pulp and food process industries have been using the heat exchanger – a rather basic design concept – for decades to transfer heating and cooling. In recent years engineers have been tweaking the design, replacing typical coolants with gases or liquids which need to be heated anyway, allowing facilities to recycle their own energy. Automotive radiators, heater cores and evaporators work this way, with tubes of liquid coolant absorbing excess energy from the engine, which is then blown by fans into the car interior as heating. Continue reading

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