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The Southeast’s Largest EDM Shop

We are a premier electrical discharge machining (EDM) shop located in Woodstock, Georgia. John Cater, Sr. and his son John Cater, Jr. founded EDM Technologies in 1988. What started as one machine in a 1,000-square-foot facility is now the largest EDM shop in the southeast United States. We would not be a leader in the world of electrical discharge machining if it was not for our professional staff, state of the art EDM machines, and an exceptional client base. Continue reading

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The Possibilities With EDM Cutting Companies

As companies are able to grow and expand, many are taking advantage of the newest machinery available to help their business thrive. One route in improving production that many companies take is to purchase EDM machines. Electric discharge machining is a method of metal cutting that uses electrodes to essentially melt away the unwanted metal. It leaves a smooth, precision finish while other methods may require additional finishing steps after being shaped. While some companies are unable to begin with these machines because they can be costly, as the company is able to expand they are a product many businesses find is well worth the investment. Continue reading

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Advantages of Various EDM Companies

Electrical Discharge Machining. It is a process you may not hear about it everyday, but you run into its many uses. EDM can be used for car parts, tools, electrical parts and so much more. By using electrical energy it is able to shape metal by essentially melting away the unwanted parts. By cutting and shaping metals with this method, many sizes can be created and they can be done so burr-free. Continue reading

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Generally Accepted Conventional EDM

When I hear the word conventional, I think of the guidelines that apply to most people. The word itself means the generally accepted rule or practice. So when I hear conventional electrical discharge machining… I understand that it gets a little confusing. For most people electrical discharge machining isn’t something we work with everyday. Many probably have never heard of it at all. So it’s like saying the conventional method of piloting a rocket ship. Personally, I don’t know anyone that has done this. So while there may be a conventional method amongst the people who have done this in their lifetime, it’s still never going to be conventional to the rest of us. Continue reading

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Wire Cut Company, Inc. – Quality EDM and Outstanding Customer Service

Wire Cut Company, Inc. has experiences dating back to 1978 and this industry leader offers a multitude of solutions for various applications. This company has a reputation of creating reliable and long-lasting products while putting a focus on their customers’ needs. These unmatched solutions are hassle-free and require very low maintenance. Wire Cut Company, Inc. offers a wide range of capabilities including: EDM tool & die, micro hole drilling, R&D prototyping, EDM drilling and much more. These outstanding services are affordable and this forward-thinking manufacturer always keeps your needs in mind. Continue reading

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Conventional EDM

Conventional EDM is also referred to as Sinker EDM or Ram, and uses an electrically charged electrode to burn shapes and holes into metal components. The removed material is washed away by a continuous flush of dielectric fluid. This process is used for the most part in the tool and die industry. Materials of varying hardness or toughness can be machined in this way as long as they are electrically conductive. Aerospace and electronic applications also use EDM for materials that are difficult to work with, if they have small/odd angles for example or need to be machined with intricate contours and cavities. Continue reading

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