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Unloading Rail Cars with Dilute Phase Conveying

Dilute phase conveying is the act of using a pneumatic conveyor to transfer materials from one place to another inside an enclosed are. Dilute phase conveyors are used for conveying non-abrasive loose materials when high material velocities and product degradation is not present. One of the main uses for this style of conveyor system is to unload materials from a rail car into a factory for further processing. Continue reading

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Why is Dilute Phase Conveying Popular?

Surprisingly enough, the dilute phase conveyor is actually the most commonly used conveyor system in manufacturing today. A dilute phase conveyor works by transporting a small amount of material with a large amount of air. This protects the material from abrasions, breakage, and a variety of other problems that can occur with other methods oftransportation. So what makes this form of conveying the most popular? To find this out, you have to learn a few specifics about how dilute phase conveying works. Continue reading

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