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Chantland MHS: Working Hard to Make Your Job Easier

Chantland-MHS is a leader in conveyor systems, packaging equipment, and palletizers. We have been working hard to improve the efficiency, productivity and the overall competitive position of our customers since 1943. We operate behind a motto of “Build Quality Equipment – Then Back It Up” and this is why our customers can rely on us to supply equipment for their facilities. Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Use Bag Palletizers

A bag palletizer is a palletizer specifically designed to load bags onto pallets. Bag palletizers are different from ordinary box palletizers because they are able to handle the somewhat delicate and unsteady nature of bags versus the strict and rigid construction of regular box packaging. Some bag palletizers are even more delicate, and are ideal for handling bags of chemicals, abrasive powders, corrosive materials, and even explosive materials. If your factory packages products into bags, consider using a bag palleltizer for the following reasons: Continue reading

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Differences Between Bag and Box Palletizers

A bag palletizer is designed to load bags of material onto a pallet. These palletizers are different from traditional box palletizers, because they have specific loading techniques that can work with bags much better than traditional pallet loaders. There are many dereferences between a bag palletizer and a box palletizer, the main differences which are highlighted below: Continue reading

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