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For Better Brush Ideas, Look to Gordon Brush Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing industrial brushes since 1951, Gordon Brush Manufacturing Company has become the leader in industrial, custom, and specialty brushes for industries around the world. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, Gordon Brush Manufacturing ensures that our brushes meet and exceed the high standards of industry brushes. We serve commercial, aerospace, military and electronics industries world-wide, producing 15,000 different brushes Continue reading

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Traditional Artists to Makeup Artists

Although most men will not be able to see it, applying make up is really its own art. It takes a steady hand, skill and of course, the right tools. And while most men might hear the term ‘artist brush manufacturers’ and think only of artists that paint, women can picture a lot more. We can not only see they typical artist uses, but makeup artists as well. Think about the movies you have seen recently. All of the men and women look flawless, thanks to makeup. Then there are the movies with unbelievable costumes such as Star Wars or other science fiction type movies. While in some cases they may be able to wear masks, in many situations they are in fact wearing pounds of makeup, applied carefully by the makeup artist’s hand. Continue reading

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Wall Painting and Other Uses for Brushes

My new project coming up in a couple of weeks… painting the living room. Since we moved in, the room has been a khaki/cream color and it is time for a change! Although I haven’t decided on a color yet, I have been thinking purple or possibly gray…. However, what I need first, before the paint itself, is the perfect brush for the job. Brushes can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They can also be used for all kinds of projects, from painting the walls to artistry to cleaning to deburring metal. No matter what job you have, there is most likely a quality brush that will be perfect for your intended use. Continue reading

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The Artist’s Touch and Artist Brushes

Artists have a way of finding magic in the everyday world. They have a gift that allows them to take something ordinary and make it breathtaking. A talented artist can make you really open your mind, and begin to think and feel for what their art stands for. Not everyone is meant to be an artist, but those who are should embrace it and share their gift with the world. To do this, they need the best tools. For painters, this means artist brushes, usually hair bristle brushes that have high elasticity to keep the brush from losing its original shape. Continue reading

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Braun Brush Company: Specialty Brushes For Every Industry

Braun Brush Company has over 139 years of successful brush manufacturing and our company is proud to say we are one of the oldest family owned manufacturers in the United States. We understand the importance of specialty designed brushes which is why we work hard to create tools with our customers’ applications in mind. We are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of high performance brushes for nearly every industry. Our satisfactory items are constructed from high quality fibers and can be specialized based upon a particular application. Continue reading

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