Organizing the Easy Way with Boltless Industrial Steel Shelving

By Lori Anderson

Do you have a stock room that you need to organize; product you need to store and organize in your back room; or records you need to archive…then boltless industrial steel shelving is the perfect solution for you. The simplicity of designing, installing and relocating, if necessary, makes it a cost effective and time saving solution for your organizational, display and storage needs.

Steel shelving allows you to utilize unused overhead air space. By going up instead of out, valuable floor space is freed up to use for more productive activities.

There are really only three basic components involved – angle posts, beams and shelves. Units can be assembled in minutes, with only a hammer, to create a free standing boltless shelving unit which requires no bracing, which can obstruct loading, and allows for loading and unloading from all sides. Shelves are usually adjustable on 1 ½” centers giving you the versatility of configuring your units to fit your specific needs and can be made of particle board, steel, or wire, depending on your particular application.

Installation is easy – simply snap the rivets on the beams into place on the slotted angle posts and lay the shelves on the beams. Because the steel shelving is boltless, so there is no need for nuts, bolts or clips that are easily lost and difficult to handle. Beam ties can be added to shelves to increase their capacity if needed. T-Posts can also be used to connect several units together which adds more stability to the overall system.

Common uses for industrial steel shelving include:

• Residential Storage
• Stock / Supply Rooms
• Warehouses
• Retail Outlet and Distribution Centers
• Archive Record Storage
• Component & Assembly Storage

The same angle posts, beams and shelving can also be used to create custom units such as:

• Stock and Service Carts
• Packaging Benches
• Work Centers
• Office Solutions such desks, and bookcases

Using industrial shelving maximizes the way you use the space in your facility. It helps increase work flow and productivity, as well as improves your workspace layout. Inventory can be easily categorized which provides better in/out flow along with improved SKU management. Organize your warehouse or workspace by using industrial steel shelving.

DACO Corporation is a premier distributor of material handling and packaging solutions. For more information regarding their industrial steel shelving, visit their website.

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