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TLX Technologies: Custom Solutions Since 1996

TLX Technologies was founded in 1996 with the idea to bring several unique, high-speed digital valves for controlling the inflation of a vehicle air bag to market. With over 20 years of growth, TLX Technologies’ strength is in our progressive technology and ability to deliver solutions that exceed our customers expectations. We have over 150 years of combined experience in designing and developing solenoid solutions for a wide variety of applications.

3 Types of Lab Vacuum Pumps

In the lab, various types of pumps are a necessity for creating various chemicals and processing dangerous substances and volatile liquids. The vacuum pump is ideal for transporting volatile liquids from one place to another because it is completely enclosed, and able to process the items without damaging the system. Vacuum pumps can also quickly and efficiently move a variety of different kinds of viscous liquids. However, not all lab vacuum pumps are alike. Lab vacuum pumps manufactures actually have three different types of lab vacuums that are ideal for various uses in the lab:

Should You Use a Liquid Ring Pump?

Industrial vacuum pump suppliers stock vacuum pumps in a variety of sizes and types for a variety of uses. One typical vacuum pump that most suppliers offer is the liquid ring pump. A liquid ring pump rotates a vaned impeller to compress gas inside the pump in the cylindrical casing. Water is fed into the pump by this action, which forms a moving cylindrical ring inside the casing. This rink seals the space between the impeller vanes of the pump, forming compression chambers. This causes air to become trapped in the compression chambers, which is then compressed and sent to the discharge port. The cycle then starts over.

Gravel Pumps in Action

An industrial vacuum pump has a variety of uses in the industrial world. A vacuum pump works by sucking a dry material through a tube, usually as a form of conveyor to move the particles from one place to another. This form of conveyor is used rather than traditional belt conveyors for a variety of reasons.

3 Types of High Pressure Vacuum Pumps

High vacuum pumps are designed to run at higher speeds and pressures than traditional vacuum pumps. A high vacuum pump is required for any use where pressure ratings and pump speeds are beyond the capabilities of a traditional vacuum pump. Many manufacturers require the use of high vacuum pumps to complete vital industrial processes in a variety of industries and processes. High vacuum pumps manufacturers typically make three different types of high vacuum pumps for a variety of different uses, including turbomolecular pumps, cryo pumps, and oil diffusion pumps. Each pump has its own unique uses that make it the ideal choice for different industrial applications.

The Best of Both Worlds: Air-Powered Electric Chemical Feed Pumps

Small electric air pumps do more than just cycle air through a container. The simplest forms of small air pumps include pumps used to fill containers, such as inflatable objects, or pumps used to control pneumatic machines and tools. In addition to these simple uses, air pumps combined with fluid pumps, such as the useful diaphragm pump, are able to use air to facilitate the movement of fluid through the pump for higher accuracy and smoother performance.

Liquid Ring Pumps Explained

A liquid ring pump is a type of vacuum pump that operates using a rotating positive displacement pump. These vacuum pumps are most often used to remove excess liquid during a manufacturing process. The pumps can also be used as a gas pump in some circumstances. These vacuum pumps have a huge range of use in many industrial processes from paper manufacturing to food production.

The Advantages of a Self-Cleaning Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pump manufacturers create a variety of vacuum pumps for a variety of industries. A vacuum pump removes the air from inside a sealed container, leaving a pressurized vacuum behind, which then sucks something up inside the unit. Vacuum pumps are used to clean floors, power vehicles, move industrial products, and much more. Some vacuum pumps will get clogged and dirty over time. Sometimes the products inside the vacuum can actually clog the vacuum tube, making the vacuum less effective or stop working altogether. If you have the chance to purchase a new vacuum pump, try looking for a unit sold by vacuum pump manufacturers that offer a self-cleaning option. The self-cleaning option can provide the following benefits:

How a Wet/Dry Vacuum Works

A wet/dry vacuum is a highly useful tool in the home and at the factory. Without the ability to vacuum wet materials, any wet liquid or soaked solid material would have to be disposed of and cleaned another way, such as by sweeping or spraying the mess away. A wet/dry vacuum is a highly useful tool that makes clean-up of mess a breeze in any situation. But, have you ever thought about how a wet/dry vacuum actually works? Normal vacuums are damaged when moisture enters the vacuum, so how can these vacuums accept liquids? The process is actually surprisingly simple and straightforward.

The Wide World Of Wet Vacuum Pumps

Industrial vacuum pumps are used in many industries, and are central to how processes work. The dental industry, for example, relies heavily on vacuum pumps to do their job efficiently. There are two main different kinds of vacuum pumps, wet and dry, that a company can choose from for their business. The wet vacuum pumps are seen as more traditional vacuum pumps, and have been around a lot longer than the dry vacuum pumps. Many companies, including companies in the dental industry, have been switching over to dry vacuum pumps and there are a few main reasons as to why they are doing so.

Trivia Time: Vacuum Style

Let’s play a little bit of trivia. Are you able to name the person who invented the telephone? If you said Alexander Graham Bell then you would be correct, one point for you. Do you know who made the discovery of gravity? If Sir Isaac Newton came to mind, you would be correct again. Two points so far! How about naming the person who invented the first vacuum pump? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You end with a gentleman’s two points, nothing to be ashamed of. Get ready to add some trivia knowledge to that ever growing brain of yours!

Where and How Diaphragm Pumps are Used

Longevity is important in many aspects of life. You want cars to last. You want relationships to be long and beneficial. You buy electronics and houses as an investment for long-term use. Items are expensive us lose, repair and replace, so you want to make sure investments are made well the first time. When you buy a diaphragm pump, it’s for the long run.

Aspiration Units in Distilleries

I spent one year as a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Mexico. While there I was able to live with three different Mexican families, learn Spanish, go to school and participate in cultural celebrations such as the Mexican Independence Day and Flag Day. I ate as much Mexican food as humanly possible, from tostadas to tacos to enchiladas to burritos to quesadillas and so on and so forth. I traveled extensively throughout the country and absolutely fell in love with it. Another aspect of Mexican culture and tradition that I learned to appreciate was tequila.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are Vital to Industry

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are also commonly referred to as water seal vacuum pumps. These vacuum pumps utilize a rotating positive displacement pump to perform its main function. With a low friction design, the liquid ring pump has only one moving part: the rotor. Therefore, sliding friction only happens to the shaft seals. The function of a liquid ring vacuum pump is similar to a rotary vane vacuum pump. It is possible that the liquid ring pump most widely utilized vacuum pump in industry, the liquid ring vacuum pump provides a simple design that can safely manage combustible gases through isothermal compression.

Small Vaccum Pumps Used in Aircraft Cockpits

One of my favorite things to do is fly. I like the experience and excitement that an airplane brings. As the pilot comes on over the intercom system and makes announcements as to how long we will be in the air, at what altitude we will be flying and what the weather is like at our destination, I fidget with excitement and look out the window as we take off and admire the clouds as we glide past them. While I am well aware of the physics and scientific reasoning behind how a plane flies and how it stays in the air, the whole experience, however, makes me wonder in awe.

High Vacuum Pumps Have Multiple Uses

It is difficult to imagine what it would be like inside a vacuum. I imagine it to be a desolate place where no benign organisms can live. It is almost like my worst nightmare. Even though I know that it would be impossible, it makes me feel extremely claustrophobic at the thought of being placed inside a vacuum. A contained space in which no matter is present, in other words a perfect vacuum, is impossible to create, but it can come really close with the use of high vacuum and ultra high vacuums. Industrial vacuum pumps are able to remove varying levels of atmosphere in enclosed spaces in order to create extremely low levels of pressure in enclosed spaces.

Dry Vacuum Pumps Use Fewer Resources

Going to the dentist was always fun for me as a child. The dental hygienist and I had the same first name. I thought that was pretty special. Sitting on the motorized reclining chair and slowly leaning back was pretty cool. My favorite part of the whole experience was the suction tube. Closing my mouth around the tube and allowing the suction effect to suck the saliva out of my mouth. I liked the sound of it. This suction effect is driven by a dry vacuum pump.

Air Pumps are Used in Vacuum Systems

One summer when I was eight or so I remember waking up morning after morning to a jackhammer breaking and splitting the black surface of the road in front of my house one summer. The noise was nearly unbearable and shook me to the core; needless to say, I could never get back to sleep. What makes that awful noise and how can the man operating it handle it? I have since learned that an air pump assists in making that awful noise and the man operating it can handle it with the use heavy duty ear plugs.

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