5 Unusual Uses for Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a pump that sucks all of the air out of a space, leaving a vacuum behind. These pumps are used in a variety of industries all over the world. The most common place to see a vacuum pump is in an actual floor vacuum, designed to suck dirt out of carpet and other places. Vacuum pumps are also used in manufacturing, such as when creating vacuum-packed seals on products or by removing the air out of light bulbs or other devices to replace the air with gas. However, a vacuum pump manufacturer also creates vacuum pumps for many different uses- ones you may not be aware of. The following industries use vacuum pumps in day-to-day business.
Medical suction: Nearly all medical suction is powered by vacuum pumps. Many vacuum pump manufacturers specialize in creating vacuum pumps specifically for the medial industry. These suction tools are essential for helping people survive in emergencies.
Decorative finishes: Surprisingly enough, a lot of decorative finishes placed onto different objects arrive there through vacuum coating. Decorative finishes and finishes designed to help with protection and energy savings are also applied using vacuum suction.
Trash compacting: Both household trash compactors and industrial trash compactors use vacuum suction and vacuum pumps to pull the air out from between pieces of trash to help with the reduction process. Trash compacting saves a lot of space at landfills and other garbage and recycling facilities.
Sewage system: Sewage systems and water treatment plants use vacuum pumps to help clean and purify water. The vacuum pumps can separate different materials inside the water, and also keep too much air from entering the water system, which can cause unwanted foaming and overflow.
Glass coating: Many glass coatings, including window tinting and reflective coatings are applied by vacuum. The vacuum pump eliminates all air bubbles and provides a seamless bond between the glass and coating material.