Commercial Uses for Titanium

Titanium investment casting is the process of using a mold to create shaped pieces from titanium. Titanium is used in a variety of applications, although it is most famous for its use in airplanes, spaceships, and jewelry. However, many traditional commercial products have titanium or titanium alloy parts and pieces that help the products work daily.
In the commercial world, you can find titanium investment casting used to manufacture pieces for the following industries:
Transportation: Many vehicles use small titanium parts and pieces in their everyday parts, like drive shafts, engine parts, vehicle bodies, and more. Manufacturers use investment casted titanium pieces because they are as strong as steel, but are lighter and more flexible.
Medical equipment: The medical industry uses titanium because it is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and strong. Many scalpels, needles, and other medical cutting equipment are made from titanium. Titanium is stronger than stainless steel and has the same anti-corrosion properties.
Power generation: Many titanium parts are used in power generation facilities. Titanium gears, valves, tubes, and other parts are made through casting and used in power generation facilities. These parts last longer than parts made from other materials, which helps increase the safety level inside a power generation plant.
Marine parts: Titanium is the ideal metal to use around fresh and salt water because it will not corrode. Even stainless steel will eventually corrode when exposed to too much salt water, so the ability to use a metal that will not corrode is ideal for use in marine products and engines.
Industrial tools: The strength of titanium makes it an ideal metal for creating industrial tools and cutting equipment. Titanium can also have an extremely sharp edge, which makes it the perfect metal for cutting and piercing tools.