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Pennsylvania Petrochemical Manufacturing About to Take Off

Pennsylvania is normally known for its steel manufacturing or the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Roberto Clemente bridge, but that is all about to change. Pennsylvania is about to be at the forefront of an American revolution. Pennsylvania produces the second most natural gas in the United States, behind only Texas. The abundance of natural gas from the Marecllus and Utica Shale plays have contributed to significant economic benefits for Pennsylvania.

Indiana Manufacturers Invest In Advanced Lightweight Metals

There has been a recent push for creating new highly advanced metals for a vast number of industries. This is why manufacturers across the nation are putting an emphasis on research into the latest innovations. One of the biggest factors for this push is to federally mandated policies requiring the automotive industry to drastically cut the weight out of the cars they produce. Although these mandates have put a heavy burden and stress on a variety of industries it has allowed for numerous employment opportunities, especially in the state of Indiana.

Washington Company Announced as Manufacturer of the Year

The state of Washington has always been known for their successful manufacturing practices and drive for creating new innovations across a vast number of fields. The bio-medical industry is a great example of sector that is experiencing economic growth throughout the nation but especially in Washington. BioLife Solutions was recently announced as the Washington State Manufacturer of the Year for their developments in the impact on creating tools for biopreservation, regenerative medicine and more.

Transportation Capabilities Make Georgia a Strategic Hub for Foreign Companies

The state of Georgia continues to successfully attract and retain major companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical and renewable energy industries by maintaining an infrastructure that complements these manufacturers. Georgia has excellent road and rail transportation networks to access surrounding states, and it also has the strategic advantage of being located on the Eastern Seaboard. The government of Georgia has made every effort to develop a skilled workforce so that global corporations are encouraged to move to the area permanently. Major highly respected colleges like Georgia Tech equip people with the skills they need to enter the workforce and become leaders in their respective industries.

Michigan Manufacturing Adapts to Growing Markets

The state of Michigan has been known for a strong history in manufacturing as well as industrial innovation and it is no surprise that some of the latest technology modernizations emerge from this state. Michigan based automation equipment manufacturers are expanding their facilities as the need for this product has substantially grown in recent years. According to the International Federation of Robotics between 2010 and 2014 the sales of this equipment increased by 48 perfect. The data reports that nearly $1.6 billion worth of new robots were manufactured in 2014. One reason there has been such a surge for American made robotics is because there is a trend of many companies retracting their manufacturing needs from China and switching to other sources.

Automotive Industries Investing in Indiana Manufacturing

Indiana has always been a proud manufacturing state, and they are also one of the states that are leading the manufacturing rebound in the United States. With almost $2 billion coming into the state through investments by manufacturing companies, it is clear to see that Indiana is on the forefront of states that have an economy that is heavy on the manufacturing industry.

California Passes Plan to Become Even More Energy Efficient

California is a leading example of a state that has successfully changed the face of energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Since 2002 California has continued to pass legislation regarding clean energy and in the long run it has saved money for the state. These adjustments have also been a factor for an increase in California’s manufacturing GDP over the past decade. By promoting energy efficiency the state has lowered the total cost for energy bills which results in overall lower operation costs.

North Carolina Manufacturing Continues to Climb

The State of North Carolina has had a history of excellence when it comes to the manufacturing industry. This rich history continues to grow along with the growth of the industry itself in the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing in North Carolina posted a growth percentage of 2.8% in July 2015, up from June 2015 which posted 2.5% growth. There are signs of this growth continuing on in the future as many companies are expanding their operations in the Tar Heel state.

Michigan Manufacturing On the Rise

Michigan is an example of a state that has a roller coaster history of successful manufacturing and economic lows. Currently four of Michigan’s counties are recognized by a Texas-based data information system company as leading counties for adding new manufacturing jobs last year. WayneCountyis reported for leading the country in creating new manufacturing jobs last year. The county was able to create 4,225 net new jobs which is a 5.3% increase from 2013. MacombCountywas third on the list with 3,272 net new jobs and KentCountywas seventh with 2,492 net new jobs. Ottawaplaced 10th on the list with 2,069 net new jobs. These numbers are great indictors of the success of severalMichigan countries which shows developments and initiatives in the state have been very rewarding.

Wisconsin Manufacturing: A State Preparing for Growth

Manufacturing has always been a vital part of the Wisconsin economy; currently the manufacturing sector is responsible for 16 percent of all Wisconsin’s private employment while the national percentage is around 9 percent. With manufacturing being such an important factor to the Wisconsin economy you can understand that it may be alarming to hear that recent reports have shown that the manufacturing sector has been on a slight decline for the past three months.

Minnesota Manufacturing on the Rise for 2015

The state of manufacturing in Minnesota appears to be on the rise, and a recent study provides insight into the minds of manufacturing executives and their thoughts on the future of manufacturing in Minnesota. Around 400 executives were surveyed which a majority of them reported they have seen continued growth since the recession and they estimate the growth will continue throughout 2015.

Iowa Prepared for New EPA Carbon Standard

Iowa is a state that is known for their success in the food processing industry. This state is on the forefront of designing the latest innovations in the manufacturing food packaging solutions and a wide variety of other agriculture machinery. However Iowa is not limited to just the agriculture industry. Iowa is a leading state that develops construction equipment, electrical equipment and heavy duty machinery for various different industries. The economy in Iowa is expanding and there have been recent opportunities that will allow the solar and wind energy sectors to continue to grow. The state of Iowa handles issues such as renewable energy very serious and there are a number of organizations in Iowa that are working hard to make this state a national leader in the renewable energy industry.

Maine Leads Nation In Bio-Based Manufacturing

Maine is an example of a state that understands the importance of researching and investing in products that are not only economical beneficial but also have a positive impact on the environment. In recent news there was an announcement that the Environmental Health Strategy Center in Maine has received a grant of $100,000 to assist with develop the latest advances in bio-based manufacturing. The ESHC has led the nation in developing solutions for protecting humans from a variety of harmful chemicals including: arsenic, lead, mercury and more. This organization not only strives for creating safe options to improve health but also to boost economic develop through designing alternative solutions.

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute to Revitalize Illinois Manufacturing

Plans are developing for the new Illinois manufacturing hub formally known as the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute. This innovation center will be located at Goose Island and it is estimated to cost $320 million. The White House officially announced that $70 million of federal money will be used to help create the DMDI while the remaining $250 million will be funded through state and private organizations. There are 41 companies, 23 universities/labs, and 9 other organizations partnered together to make the DMDI Institute a success. This innovation hub is just one of many new institutions that have been announced across the United States however as the name states this center will specialize in technologies regarding digital innovations and design techniques.

Illinois Unemployment Hits Record Low

There have been some very interesting reports coming from companies, organizations and government officials in the state of Illinois. One very exciting report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Illinois Department of Employment Security shows that the unemployment rate for Illinois has drop to 7.9 percent. Not only is this a decrease from previous months but this marks the lowest rate since 2008. The Illinois economy is making a very successful rebound and there have been a number of initiatives to ensure the fiscal stability of this state.

Ohio Revitalizing Manufacturing

The state of Ohio has made some serious efforts to improve their manufacturing sectors, from investing into the new American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute to the creating the Center for Design and Manufacturer Excellence at Ohio State University. Ohio is on the right track for not only creating economic opportunities in the short run but also for sustaining long term jobs that will encourage many companies to choose products that are manufactured right here in the United States.

Manufacturing Growth in South Carolina

South Carolina has a long history of automotive manufacturing and this state has been influenced by the positive increases in the growth of domestic manufacturing. According to a recent report April has shown improved manufacturing for a third straight month. The Institute for Supply Management said national factory activity rose from 53.7 in March to 54.9 in April. There have been a number of expansions announced by major automotive manufacturers in South Carolina and it is estimated that overall manufacturing will continue to grow in the coming months. Interesting enough South Carolina is home to over 250 different automotive manufacturing facilities and there are a number of factors that contribute to South Carolina’s appeal for these automotive companies.

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