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How Does a Blower Work?

When I first started writing about blowers, it was a revelation to me that fluids like air move only from areas of high pressure to low pressure. To someone without a background in physics, fluid dynamics can be confusing and counter intuitive. But if you think about blowers and how they work, it can be helpful in understanding fluids and how they move around.

High Velocity Fans on the Movie Set

When not emerged in the grandiose of a movie I’m watching I start to wonder how the producers and people behind the screen came up with the shoots. How did they recreate environments? It’s well known that fog and haze are created by smoke machines and dry ice. The equipment is even used in some school plays and can be seen at some dance clubs. It is also common knowledge how movie makers recreate wind. I’ve seen a good number of movies out there that show a big industrial fan creating a heavy wind effect. The most common example that comes to mind is high velocity fans recreating a hurricane for some unlucky weatherman. This is usually accompanied with someone dropping a bunch of leaves and debris in front of the fan to be sent flying at the poor person.

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