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Over 40 Years of Superior Plastic Extrusions from Trimco

Trimco® began manufacturing plastic extrusions in 1968. Since, we have become a reliable source and recognized leader in our field. Our ISO 9001:2008 facility is located in London, Ontario. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and equipment, along with high quality materials, to produce premium plastic extrusions. Furthermore, our in-house tool and design facility delivers skilled engineering at all stages of product development.

Plastic Extruder Hall Manufacturing Sticks to Its New Jersey Roots

William W. Hall founded Hall Manufacturing Corporation in 1946. Mr. Hall was a grandnephew of the inventor and patent holder of the original extruder, John Royle. Both had roots in New Jersey; likewise, Hall Manufacturing began in Bergen County, New Jersey. Now, our company is located in Ringwood, NJ and we are one of the leading plastic extrusion companies in the world. Since its start, Hall has been a mainstay in the industries we serve, with a continuing reputation for innovation and quality which gives our customers a competitive edge.

Turn to Molded Devices Inc. for Quality Plastic Processing

A leader in the plastic processing industry, Molded Devices Inc. has over 50 years of experience serving global markets. With a range of advanced techniques, we always deliver solutions on-time and within the agreed budget. We specialize in thorough planning and attention to detail in order to deliver a high quality product every time. Our products speak for themselves; if you are looking for a reliable and first-class manufacturer of plastics or rubber we are the answer.

Commercial Industrial Supply Offers High Quality Products at Wholesale Prices

Commercial Industrial Supply offers the highest quality PVC pipes, fittings, valves, tanks, and other pipe accessories and industrial piping products at the lowest prices. We carry a wide selection of high-quality products such as 40 PVC pipe, schedule 80 PCV pipe, schedule 80 CPVC pipe, CPVC duct pipe, PVC duct pipe, and specialty products like Aickinstrut pipe support, Link-Seal modular seals, and Ocal electrical conduit. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find what you need, and our shipping locations around the country will keep shipping times and costs low.

Monster Bins – Dependable and Practical Storage Solutions

Beginning in 2004, Monster Bins® has become quickly established in the United States as a dependable supplier of heavy-duty, plastic storage containers. We offer a practical storage container option for every industry, including hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Offering both bulk and wholesale purchasing options, we have the right storage option for you.

The O-Ring Store – Providing Exceptional Products and Services

Here at The O-Ring Store, we make getting O-Rings easy. With a new 6,500 square foot facility, getting O-rings has never been more accessible and affordable than with our company. As a family owned business, we take pride in giving our customers the best products and services in the industry, and strive to exceed all of your expectations. As we continue to grow, we plan on offering new products and services to enhance all that we already do offer. Let us help you find O-rings that suit all of your product specifications.

Lincoln Plastics is Dedicated to Offering Premium Service and Extrusions.

Since our start in 1948, Lincoln Plastics has delivered exceptional plastic profile extrusions. With roots in agricultural and electrical products, we have cultivated a variety of skill sets to provide custom designed extrusions based on your needs. We believe in continuously striving for premium plastic extrusions through our commitment to our customers. We make you our first priority. Building relationships with our customers, using innovative technology, and meeting plastic market demands is what we do best! This has always been our goal and we never waver from it. Our operation is ISO 9001 Certified.

The Benefits of Working With Sherman Roto Tank

Sherman Roto Tank is one of the world’s largest petroleum refining centers, and is quickly moving to the front of its industry, building light and heavy rotationally molded plastics. We serve a variety of customers in industries such as the oil & gas, agricultural, and marine markets. Sherman Roto Tank offers our clients turnkey solutions and truly excel when we create a partnership with our clients, and ensure their vision is being met. We go above and beyond in service, and more than simple manufacturing.

Waltech Engineered Plastics: Premium Quality Custom Plastic Extrusions

At Waltech Engineered Plastics, we produce premium quality custom plastic profile extrusions for the appliance, cooler, flooring, furniture and P.O.P display industries. Our reliable craftsmanship delivers consistent profiles and tubing with structural integrity. Whether you are looking for building siding and trim, curtain rods, hoses, window profiles, gutters and channels, sealing sections, tubes, or pipes, we can fabricate a cost effective product, designed to your specifications. We even offer custom color matching!

Innovative Foam Fabrication Services with Williams Foam

For over 30 years Williams Foam has been providing innovative solutions within the foam fabricating industry. Located in Sylmar, California, our recently renovated 80,000 square foot facility allows us to produce and streamline our production process and to increase the quality of our products for our customers. We specialize in the production of polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyethylene foams for the packaging, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and architectural industries. For many years, Williams Foam has been the go-to business for many customers foam fabricating needs.

Innovative Coatings Outmatching Competitors

With over 40 years of experience in plastic molding and the protective coatings industry, Innovative Coatings Inc. continues to maintain their high level of reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and especially customer service. Located in Medway, Massachusetts, Innovative Coatings has you covered from plastisol dip molding to fluidized bed powder coatings of epoxy, polyolefins, nylon, and vinyl.

Texas Dip Molding & Coating: High Quality Dip Molding

In our 3,900 square foot facility in San Antonio, Texas we provide a number of high quality dip molding solutions we work hard to meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectations from the design phase to final delivery time. Here at Texas Dip Molding & Coating we work hard to provide our customers with final products that are born out of their ideas and refined with their requirements in mind.

Reliable Tanks and Exceptional Customer Service from Park Plastic Products

Park Plastic Products is your liquid storage and transport experts. As a custom fabricator of polypropylene and co-polymer tanks, we are the superior choice for chemical and high temperature liquid storage. Founded by Eugene K. Park in 1972, Park Plastic Products was one of the first distributors of plastic storage tanks in the country. Then known as E.K. Park, Inc. with only one size of tank, we distributed tanks across the east and Midwest as we developed the product line throughout the decade.

Custom form Thermoplastic Materials from Engineered Plastic Products, Inc.

For over 50 years, Engineered Plastic Products, Inc. has been custom thermoforming and fabricating sheet thermoplastic materials into products for industrial and commercial applications. Our list of end users includes Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Johns Manville, Beckton Dickinson, and the U.S. Postal Service. Our commitment to customer service in all areas of our manufacturing process is why we are known as a leader in the thermoplastic industry.

For Reliable Blow Molding, Look No Further Than Paarlo Plastics

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in the blow molding industry, Paarlo Plastics is a top-quality provider of plastics for clients across the United States and throughout the world. Paarlo has been in business since 1981 and is centrally located in North Canton, Ohio. We create custom blow molds of standard and engineering grade thermoplastic for your products. Our large facility and expert staff give us the ability to produce high volumes of plastic materials and quickly ship them out to businesses as needed.

Assmann Corporation: A Trusted Provider of Storage Tanks and Containers

At Assmann Corporation of America, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality in plastic and polyethylene tanks for a variety of industrial proposes. We believe in using proven manufacturing methods that will never compromise the integrity of our products. Our one-piece construction using durable, high-density resin ensures that we create a product that will last. Assmann tanks are created with controlled process that guarantees quality. We manufacture double-wall tanks, cone-bottom tanks, plastic fuel and oil tanks, poly tanks, polypropylene tanks, septic tanks, storage tanks and water tanks. Whatever kind of tank your business needs, we are able to provide it!

FallLine: Quality Molded Products Since 1981

FallLine Corporation has been providing specialized polyurethane products to various industries for retail and industrial application since 1981. We have over 20 years of experience in polyurethane manufacturing and providing innovative solutions for our customers. We offer a wide variety of materials and have the capabilities to formulate materials to meet specific needs. FallLine products have been used in multiple industries such as skiing, snow removal, cable protectors, baseball/softball and construction. With international distribution capabilities we have the resources to deliver our products globally.

Roto Dynamics Inc.: Specializing in Rotational Molding

Roto Dynamics specializes in the production of rotational molding, producing a variety of rotationally molded plastic parts for various industries including automotive accessories, fluid treatment systems and material storage units. Our services include, rotational molding, custom battery box, custom material handling, custom plastic product production, custom plastic tanks, manufacture plastic products, rotocast, rotomolded tanks, rotomolding and vacuum molding. At Roto Dynamics you get a team that has years of experience in manufacturing and R&D. Our team is ready to help our customers put their ideas into plastic through the cost-effective process of rotational molding.

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