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The Cylindrical Needle Bearings

Most linear bearings are shaped in the way their name suggests; linearly. However, the needle bearings are circular, shaped like a wide metallic doughnut whose edges are filled with rotating rollers to aid in the movement of whatever they are attached to. They reduce the friction of the rotating components between which they are placed, such as parts of the transmission in an automotive vehicle. This enables all parts involved in the motion process to last longer and run more smoothly, cutting down on maintenance costs for the owner of the vehicle or machine.

The Tiny Applications for Miniature Linear Bearings

When discussing industrial products, most people must imagine large pieces of machinery and equally large metallic structures created by them. The word “industrial” suggest strength and size. However, this is not always the case. Many industrial products, which are used as parts in larger systems, are actually small enough to be considered miniscule. They have become more relevant and prevalent in recent years as the demand for technologically advanced gadgets has increased. One example is miniature linear bearings, which can be as small as a single millimeter. Its size does not affect how significant it can be to the workings of important devices though.

360 Degrees of Linear Rotary Bearings

There is always a model within a large industrial category that is able to do what no other model can do. Within the spectrum of linear bearings, the linear rotary bearing is that model. However, just because it can move in ways other linear bearings cannot does not mean it is the most popular. In fact, most industries and individual companies that purchase linear bearings want one-way movement along a single axis with as little friction built-up during the process as possible. This can be achieved with a linear roller bearing or a slide bearing, no special movement requirements necessary.

The Astounding Linear Air Bearings

The utilization of the most basic element in our world for something other then breathing is amazing in and of itself. The fact that it has been manipulated to create toxin free energy is pretty amazing too. So linear air bearings, which use a film of compressed air as a cushion in between two objects that need free movement in one direction while also supporting varieties of weight, is straight up astounding. We as humans are able to harness the air that surrounds us at all times in such a way that multiple industries are able to move parts without friction, which reduces high maintenance fees as well as prolonging the life of the product or machine being moved.

The Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings

The key to success for a linear bearing design is creating motion without friction, which can cause problems in a large system and deteriorate the materials used to create the parts. Everyone knows that rotating rollers and balls are popular forms of motion control, helping glide a part along a designated path much like a conveyor does. However, these are not the only ways smooth motion can be achieved. Slide bearings do not utilize additional parts to transition a part from point A to point B without friction, but by way of particular materials that guarantee a smooth trip.

Standard Encoder Couplings

An encoder coupling is a type of coupling that is designed to work for precision applications while connecting various shafts together. Most encoder coupling types have small bearings that provide longevity and high performance through the use of low radial forces. Depending on the type of encoder, a variety of types of couplings can be used.

Alignment and Installation

Shaft couplings are extremely invaluable in protecting machinery from stress, wear, and thus, untimely failure. This is because they often significantly lengthen the working life of the parts they connect. In precision applications, flexible couplings are compensating for three axes of shaft misalignment, while accurately transmitting velocity, position, and torque. Because of their important role, it is crucial that they are selected carefully and installed properly.

Replacing Motor Couplings in Washing Machines

I grew up in a house where, if something broke, it usually stayed broken for awhile until the professionals were finally called in to save the day. My dad was no Tim the Toolman Taylor, which may have been a good thing as our washing machine never launched itself into space; but as a young adult on my own and on a budget, I’m all about the do-it-yourself method. And it looks like it might be time for me to step up to the plate. You see, I’ve been having trouble with my washing machine. The trouble is, it’s broken. I can hear the motor running, but the agitator is refusing to spin and I found out that this is most likely due to a broken motor coupling.

Preventing Misalignment

A shaft coupling is a cylinder device that connects two shafts together in order to transmit power. They are found in many different types of machinery such as power transmissions, drive shafts, generators, wheels, pumps, line shafts, construction equipment, automotive engines, and many more. There are many different types of shaft couplings that are used based upon the type of machine and how much power and movement the shafts need to be capable of. A few types are rigid couplings, sleeve couplings, clamp or split-muff couplings, flexible couplings, diaphragm couplings, disc couplings, gear couplings, oldham couplings and jaw couplings among many others. They are an essential part of many machines in order for them to work properly.

Driving and Couplings

Everyday many people ride in a vehicle, whether driving to work, school or grocery shopping. With the dependence on an automobile you must take into account all of the pieces that make this form of travel possible. Shaft couplings are a small part of an automobile that make the journey accessible for everyone. Without coupling manufacturers, shaft couplings could not be distributed rendering a vehicle useless and unable to propel it forward or backward.

New Models: Magnetic Couplings

Shaft couplings can be useful industries ranging from aerospace to power transmissions. Countless items are able to take advantage of these products and for that reason numerous models and varieties are available. From torque limiters to jaw couplings to motor couplings, the perfect models can be found for the applications needed. New models are also coming out that can provide their own unique advantages. One model that is gaining popularity is the magnetic shaft coupling. Like traditional couplings, they are able to provide a barrier and perfect seal. But they also offer several advantages and disadvantages. Magnetic couplings are able to last much longer because of the fact they do not have to have tough contact that would wear them down. They are also able to work as a slip clutch. Slipping easily into the position in which it will be needed without wearing the coupling or object down.

Spirals and Squares

When I hear the word jaw, numerous things come to mind. A few include the thriller shark movie, the jaws of life and mouths of people or animals. Then of course, there are jaw couplings. While these may not be the first thing to come to mind, for many of those in manufacturing and related industries, it may be. Types of shaft coupling, these products are used to provide mechanical power in the form of torque to pieces of rotary equipment. Jaw couplings are excellent shaft coupling solutions because of their resistance to oil, dirt, grease, sand and moisture. In addition, they do not require any lubrication making them even easier to use.

Finding and Using Clean Energy

Conservation and recycling have been on a lot of citizens minds as of late. And these topics really should be. With global warming constantly hovering over us, small steps in the right direction is the only solution that can be offered. New, cleaner ways of living are being introduced and perfected constantly to help reduce the carbon footprint we leave on the planet. For example, first we started moving to hybrid cars, now full electric cars are becoming a possibility. While they still have a way to go, they are making very good progress. Another way to use clean energy that is continuously gaining popularity is wind turbines.

Flywheel Couplings and Cars

My favorite part of a car is definitely the engine. This is probably because it is so temperamental and I have somehow managed to blow it up in my past two cars. How I accomplished this, I could not tell you. All I know is when my cars started acting up and I took them in I was told the engine was shot, or the engine is now shooting oil into places it is not supposed to and it is essentially dying. Joy. But, I do like driving cars and considering the engine is a slightly important component of the car, I guess I need to continue to appreciate it.

The Shaft Coupling Types and Cars

One thing I have decided to refuse to understand is how a car works. I know how to work the windows, the locks, the radio and how to drive it. That is as far as it goes as far as I am concerned. How do you fill a tire with air when it is low? How do you check the oil? Where does the coolant and windshield wiper fluid go? I refuse to answer these questions. The second I appear able to I will have to start doing these things myself and will no longer be able to make my boyfriend do them. Instead I will know when a tire ‘appears to be’ low, when ‘I think’ I might be low on oil or need a change, and I will always notice that my windshield is not looking very clean. In this way, I am safe.

A Noisy and Bumpy Ride

When I recently took my car into an automotive shop, because a rattling noise was competing in volume with my very loud radio and the front left wheel of my car seemed to be shaking much more then usual, I had no idea what was wrong. In fact, I had no idea that the shaking of the wheel and the rattling noise might be related, which is exactly what I was told the next day when a mechanic called me back with the quote. A shaft coupling had broken, he told me, after which I promptly asked him what a shaft coupling was. He explained that two shaft connected my wheels to the transmission, which was what provided by the power that made my car wheels move, as well as the control that made the wheels spin at the speed according to the amount of pressure I applied to the gas pedal. These two shafts, which obviously played a very important role in the running of my car, were connected to each other by way of a shaft coupling. Shaft couplings connected the shafts of all of my wheels to the transmission shafts, and without one my car had begun to shake and the loose coupling was clanging around within framework of my car.

The Third Shaft

When I was a child, one of my favorite television shows to watch was School House Rock. On this delightfully musical and educational show was a song called “Three is a Magic Number”, and this is a statement I have always found stands true, even when it comes to the industrial world. For example, the third shaft, which is also sometimes known as the flexible gear coupling or gear coupling, is so vital to the proper running of a machine or vehicle it can be considered magical.

The Movement of a Paper Mill

As a full-time student for 18 years, which I then followed up with trying my hand at writing fiction, paper has always factored hugely in my existence. My favorite smell in the world is that of a library, where pages upon pages of paper are ageing with that delightful “worn and read” scent, impacted by the many fingers that have flipped through them. Even with the coming of the Kindle, I have held onto my allegiance with paper products, which has also ignited an interest in paper mills and how they work and fare during this technological age. Ends up that paper mills are just as active as they have always been, and the industrial parts that allow them to work properly are all centered around driveshafts.

The Building Block Products of Renewable Energies

With all of the hype involving oil and its related issues, both environmentally and economically, a focus on renewable energies has developed and continues to be a focal point for many industrial arenas. A variety of products are being developed specifically for renewable energy efforts, and some that are already in existence are simply being newly applied, like the shaft coupler. These shaft couplings are used to help transfer power from the source to what it is moving, easing the stress on the two shafts that connect the two. A shaft coupler is a necessity for many industrial machines and vehicles, and is now also being utilized within the context of renewable energy.

Gear Couplings Manufacturers: For Your Consideration

When manufacturing goods for vehicles used in the automotive, aerospace and farming equipment industry, you must be a company devoted to perfection, because all of these vehicles must function correctly not only for work related issues but because human lives depend on them. In this day and age, malfunctioning farming equipment would mean harvests wouldn’t be pulled in and sections of the country would not be fed. For aerospace and automotive vehicles, malfunctioning vehicles means that whoever is driving and riding in them could be seriously hurt. That is why gear couplings manufacturers, who produce the parts that translate the power of a transmission to the moving section of a vehicle, must be perfectionists; lives depend on them.

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