Personalize Your Life with a Homemade Tarp


A tarp is a highly versatile product with uses in nearly every area of life. Tarps cover furniture during a move, protecting it from rain, snow, or dirt. Tarps can provide shelter in the hot sun orfavicon rain during a camping trip. Tarps can also protect the ground during painting, wall refinishing, or other household projects. Tarps can also protect furniture from dust while the owners are gone. These are just a few of the many uses for tarps. With a little imagination, you can come up with many other uses for the awesome fabric.

While you can purchase a tarp from the store, a fun and easy project allows you to create your own tarps at home. Follow these simple instructions to create customized tarps that you can use for anything inside or outside your home.

Use duck canvas, silicone-coated nylon, or another waterproof fabric if you want the fabric to remain waterproof. Cut the fabric to the desired dimensions. If necessary, sew two or more pieces of fabric together to create the desired size.

Sew a ½ inch hem around all raw edges of the fabric. On each corner and every 24 inches along the sides of the fabric, sew 3-inch long grosgrain nylon ribbon loops. This will will help hold the fabric in place. If you do not want to tie down your tarpaulin, then you can skip this step. Add grommets to each loop for additional stability.

Seal the seams on your tarpaulin by spraying them with spray-on silicone waterproofing spray. This will prevent your tarpaulin from leaking in the rain or snow.

Use your customized tarpaulin for anything you need. A customized size is often better than a pre-purchased size because it gives you exactly the correct dimensions for the project that you need, eliminating folding, stretching, or pulling on the fabric.