4 Types of Aluminum Angles

Steel Angles

Aluminum angles are a sharp angle made from aluminum metal. The angle itself varies on the type of bend created by the manufacturer. Each type of metal bend has its own uses in a variety of industries, including construction, automotive manufacturing, and parts manufacturing. Most aluminum angles are named after letters, while a few others have a different naming system based on their finished shape. The following is a list of some of the most common forms of angles made from aluminum:
U Channels: This channel has an open box shape. The U channel usually has square corners and an open top. These channels are used as railings, construction posts, curtain tracks, decorative trim, joint covers, and in many other places.
J Channels: A J channel looks like the letter “J.” The back side of the metal is much higher than the front side, creating a lopsided shape. J channels are used in a variety of places, including for adjustable table legs, frame supports, lighting strips, and construction projects.
C Channels: A C channel looks just like the letter “C.”  The metal is circular and rounded, and usually has a small opening along one side that makes it possible to slip on and off of an object. You can find C channels used for vacuum cleaner handles, shoe racks, metal grills, fences and railings, and for decorative trim on rounded objects.
Hat Channels: A hat channel looks like an upside down hat. The center of the channel is the basic “U” shape, but the sides of the metal stick out like the brim of a hat. Hat channels are often used to secure objects, and you can find them used to secure loose objects, hold the wheels on a cart, to act as a guide for a sliding door, or to hold wood joints together.