Use an Automatic Parts Washer to Remove Rust

An automatic parts washer removes dust, dirt, and rust from a piece of metal equipment, such as steel balls or smaller components of an engine. You can use your parts washer to remove rust from nearly any small metal object without the use of harsh chemicals. The washers are ideal for use with industrial parts cleaning as well as home cleaning for objects that you have around the house. Industrial washers tend to be larger, but smaller units are ideal for home use. Follow this basic guide to clean away rust without damaging the machine or the metal.
Use walnut media to remove tough rust from a metal part. Fill the washer about ¼ full with the walnut shells. Place the parts inside the machine. Make sure they are covered by the shells. Do not use differently shaped parts together, such as pointed metal pins and rounded shapes together. This could damage the metal.
Tumble the metal inside the parts washer overnight. Most of the rust should be removed from the metal. Empty the machine and replace the parts inside the machine with corn cob media. Place a small amount of metal polish inside the tank to prevent the spread of rust in the future. Run the machine for another 4 to 8 hours to finish removing all rust from the metal.
Throw away all media used in the automated parts washer after use. Re-using the media can damage the machine or the metal. Clean out the inside of the washer with a soft cloth to remove any rust and media reside before washing any other items inside the machine.
Using this method, you can remove rust from nearly any small object, including hubcaps, screws or nails, tools, hinges, metal parts, and almost anything else that will fit inside your parts washing machine.