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What to Know Before Buying a Palletizer

Palletizer manufacturers make a variety of palletizing systems that help package goods and products quickly. The two main forms of palletizers, robotic palletizers and in-line palletizers, use two different methods of packing with slightly different results. Before you purchase any palletizer, ensure that the palletizer manufactures can meet your needs in the following areas:

Reliability: You don’t want a machine that will break down constantly. Look for manufacturers that provide lengthy warranties on their products. Usually the presence of a warranty ensures that the product will last without problems until right about when the warranty is up. So look for companies that offer the longest warranties possible.

Speed: Different palletizers have different speed options. Choose one that fits the production speed of your factory. Units that go too fast can mess up the production line, while units that go too slow can cause a product back-up that will also mess up the production line.

Packaging options: Look for a palletizer that can package the goods the way you need them to be packaged. Some palletizers can wrap layers separately, while others wrap the entire pallet whole. Other packaging options are also available.

Machine type: Choose between an in-line system and a robotic system. Robotic systems are more expensive, but often offer greater flexibility and higher loading speeds. In-line systems are often slower, but they are also much less expensive.

Loading level: Choose a loading height that best matches your current production options. Most palletizers can load on the floor level or about waist-high, depending on the system. Some units may even have the ability to change levels.

Size: Look for compact units that take up the least amount of space possible. Larger systems may take up more room than they are worth. Many companies offer modular designs and space-saving designs that help them fit into even the smallest spaces.

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