Compressing Trash with Hydraulics

Hydraulic press manufacturers create a variety of pressing machines for a variety of industries. In a factory, a hydraulic press can be used to shape metal, compress pieces together, or compact a larger item into a smaller, denser shape. Other hydraulic presses are used to cut out metal pieces, or compress rocks into powder.
One of the main uses for a hydraulic press is the compression of trash. Hydraulic press manufacturers create two different kinds of presses for compacting trash, both for in-home and commercial compacting use. You can find hydraulic pressed used for trash in the following areas:
In the home: Trash compactors at home use a mini form of the hydraulic press. The hydraulic press system compacts trash into a compacted shape, eliminating excess air. This allows the user to pack more trash into a smaller space, saving space in the household trash can and in the trashcan placed on the curb for pick up. The problem with home trash compactors is that the trash can be difficult to take out, because compressed trash is denser and heavier than non-compressed trash.
Commercial uses: Commercial industries also use hydraulic presses to compact industrial trash. The press will compact a variety of trash products, but is most often used with paper waste, such as paper shavings, cardboard boxes, and other office products. The compacted trash is easier for the trucks to carry to the garbage dump and also eliminates the need for as much space for trash in the office.
At the dump: Hydraulic presses are also used in dumps and recycling centers to compact large amounts of trash. Recycling centers will use hydraulic presses to compact metal pieces or plastics together to send to other recycling centers or other locations for use at these centers. Traditional garbage dumps will compact several different kinds of trash together to save valuable landfill space.