Three Types of Stainless Steel Vats

Stainless steel vats are a subcategory of stainless steel tanks, a type of storage, processing and sometimes transportation container that is meant to hold liquids, gases and/or solids such as grain and sugar. Vats in particular are utilized in a couple major industries. They are used for the fermentation process of wine and beer as well as dairy processes such as the making of cheese and ice cream. Always storing items that are either liquid or solids in fluid form, vats have three major styles that are available on the vat market today.
The three types of stainless steel vat styles mostly differ in shape and where they open or close. The horizon model, which is also known as an enclosed vat is often used for brewing beer, among other applications. It is a large heavy duty vat that is completely enclosed, with a tube at the top that can be sealed after the milk is inserted. The open top vat is another major model, this one geared toward making cheese. Often designed as a rectangle rather then a cylinder, it looks like a very deep trough. The final style is the SVC vat, which is also known as the cottage cheese vat because that is what its primary function is. It is shaped in a similar fashion to the open top vat.
The method of turning molten stainless steel into a vat is similar to what is done for other stainless steel storage tanks. The cooling steel alloy is fed through a series of rollers that shape it into a curved shape, which is then cut and welded together into a seamless fixture. When dealing with dairy items, stainless steel vats are often covered in a cooling jacket that circulates cool liquid around the whole structure and results in refrigeration.