Cleaning Rubber Rollers

Rubber rollers have a variety of uses, from use for installing wallpaper and fiberglass to flattening materials in industrial factories. Rubber rollers have been used to apply stickers and labels, paint walls, lay concrete, and much more. Whatever use you use with your rubber roller, the rubber can become dirty and sticky over time. Use this simple cleaning method outlined below to help keep your roller in top condition for the next time you need to use it. One word of caution, if you use the roller around food or other consumable products, make sure that you use a food-safe cleaner that will not leave an unhealthy scum or chemical residue on your rollers.
Step 1: Finding rubber cleaner: Search for a rubber cleaner that will remove the type of dirt or residue on your rollers. If you have greasy rollers, use a de-greasing cleaner. If you have dry rollers, use a conditioning cleaner. If you want to use your rollers around food, make sure your cleaner is non-toxic. There are a variety of cleaners available, from spray cleaners to rub-on cleaners, to dunking washes.
Step 2: Initial cleaning: Cover the rollers in a thin layer of the cleaning liquid. Allow the liquid to sit for about 30 seconds. Use a brush to remove any stuck-on particles. Rinse the cleaner away with water.
Step 3: Final cleaning: Apply a second layer of cleaner and use a clean cloth to wipe the rubber clean. If the cloth comes away dirty, repeat the cleaning and wiping process until the cloth comes away clean.
Step 4: Conditioning: If you use a conditioning cleaner, follow the instructions on the container for keeping the rubber conditioned. Some cleaners may have you leave the conditioner in place for a few minutes before wiping it away.