Benefits of Rubber Baseboards

Rubber Baseboard

Baseboards are not a wildly popular product, and most people do not even think about them on a regular basis. Most baseboards in commercial or industrial settings, if they exist at all, are manufactured from rubber, plastic, or synthetic rubber. One type of baseboard that can be extremely beneficial in commercial and industrial settings is the rubber baseboard. Rubber baseboards can provide many benefits to a factory or other commercial property, such as:
Cleanliness: rubber baseboards are extremely easy to clean. The rubber provides a non-porous surface that will not attract dirt, liquids, or other contaminants. A rubber baseboard is easy to wipe down with any cleaning liquid, and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals without breaking down the rubber or causing it to peel away from the wall.
Ultimate wall protection: In industrial and commercial settings, the walls can take a beating. Any moving equipment, sharp objects, and even foot traffic can cause the walls to become scuffed, damaged, and broken. Rubber baseboards will prevent this from happening to the walls in your factory because the rubber acts as a cushion for the wall and will also help absorb any impacts, keeping the walls safe.
Durable and long-lasting: Rubber baseboards have a long lifespan. The baseboards are extremely durable and are resistant to abrasions and punctures. Rubber naturally has a long lifespan that will help it provide wall protection for many years before the rubber breaks down.
Chemical and sun resistant: Rubber can withstand much exposure to sunlight and chemicals. Chemicals and sun exposure that could cause discoloration or deterioration of other materials will not affect the appearance or function of rubber baseboards.
With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why so many medical centers, industrial factories, and commercial buildings choose rubber baseboards.