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3 Types of Hardware Cloth

Hardware cloth is a type of metal “cloth” made from metal wire woven together that has a thin, fine texture. One of the original forms of this kind of cloth was chainmail armor. The links in the chain provided more strength than simple cloth or leather armor and were flexible enough to wear like clothing. Today’s hardware cloth is not used for armor, but rather as flexible straining and sifting materials in the industrial world. You can find wire cloth used in the industrial, construction, and household markets for a variety of uses from insect guards to metal laths to help plaster adhere to walls.

There are actually dozens of types of wire cloth used for a variety of processes. Knowing how the cloth will be used is one of the best ways to help narrow down the selection. Often, you can find wire mesh made with the following differences:

Galvanized cloth: Galvanized wire cloth can come in a variety of thicknesses and weave sizes. Galvanized cloth is sometimes cheaper than other forms of cloth because it is easier to galvanize steel than it is to make the cloth from stainless steel. Galvanized cloth is usually used for wire screens.

Stainless steel cloth: Stainless steel cloth is one step up from galvanized cloth. The cloth can be made into a variety of weave sizes and flexibility ranges. Usually, stainless steel cloth is used as a fence or protective material and as a base for wire baskets and other containers.

Filter wire: Filter wire is the tightest weave of wire cloth available. The wire has such tiny spaces between the wires that it can catch nearly any particle. This kind of wire is, not surprisingly, usually used to filter different materials and sometimes even the air.

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