Two is Better than One: The Advantages of a Double Acting Cylinder

A double acting cylinder is actually used in more applications than a single acting cylinder. There are many reasons for this, dealing with the superiority of double protection and drive versus single. However, if you have the choice between a single and double acting cylinder, here are a few reasons why you should always choose the double cylinder:
Extra fluid
A double hydraulic cylinder obviously contains more fluid than a single cylinder. This makes it easier to operate machinery with a double cylinder, and also makes it easier to control the movement of the system attached to the hydraulic cylinder.
Extra force
A single cylinder outputs force in one direction only. A double cylinder outputs force both as it travels out and as it travels in. This creates a higher force level that is more reliable and easier to control than a single-force system.
Greater control
The more force your cylinder can output, the more control you have over the system. With a double cylinder system, you don’t have to worry about as many slips, trips, and problems with the system. The force remains the same throughout the use of the cylinder and it is easier to control what you are doing, whether you are controlling a crane or raising or lowering the level of a platform.
Higher work output
When a hydraulic cylinder contains more fluid, it extends more energy during work output. This makes the operation of the unit more precise, and helps improve the overall energy-efficiency of the unit. It is also faster to operate a higher work output cylinder, making the process of using the hydraulic unit easier overall.
For these reasons and more, double cylinders are superior to single hydraulic cylinders. If you use any single cylinders in your units, consider switching them out for double cylinders for improved performance and efficiency.