Fun Uses for Clear Plastic Tubing

Plastic tubing has a variety of uses in hundreds of industries, from tubes used in automobiles, to factory uses, to packaging, and toy making. Although there are many boring uses for clear tubing, there are also several fun uses that make the tube-making industry a lot more interesting. The following interesting uses for clear tubing explores the fun side of manufacturing:
Bead containers: Beads often arrive in clear, plastic tubes so the customer can see exactly what he or she is purchasing. Walk into any store that sells beading materials, and you will see hundreds of clear tubes housing beads of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some tubes are flexible, while others have stiff sides for durability.
Candy containers: Some candy is packaged into clear tubes as well. Often, novelty candies and holiday packaging is served in tubes, with a holiday-themed topper closing the top of the container. These tubes are ideal for adding to packages or giving as gifts because the clear packaging is more festive than traditional bagged candy.
Paint and clay tubes: Some clear tubes have flexible sides, ideal for holding paint or clay inside. The tubes usually have a nozzle on the end for dispensing the paint. The clear tubes allow the customer to identify the exact color of paint inside the package. The flexible sides allow the user to use the paint directly out of the tube.
Mail tubes: Sturdy plastic tubes have a variety of uses, but are commonly seen used in banks drive-thrus as mail tubes. It is always fun to watch the clear tubes shoot through the mail chutes back and forth inside the larger plastic tube controlling the path of the smaller plastic tube.
Toy containers: Perhaps the most exciting fun use for clear tubing is tubes used for toy containers. These containers have flexible sides and are clear so customers can see the toys inside. Often, these tubes are used with smaller toys, such as cars, army men, or animals.