7 Uses for Aluminized Steel

Aluminized steel is a highly versatile product that has a surprising number of uses. Aluminized steel has a coating of aluminum alloy over the steel, providing the rust-resistance of aluminum with the strength of steel. Aluminized steel is so widespread, it is used in applications in every industry, from industrial production to children’s play equipment.

  • Kilns and drying ovens: Aluminized steel can weather high temperatures, which make it an ideal material for kilns and drying ovens in industrial use. The ovens use aluminized steel for the components of the ovens as well as internal parts, such as motors and heating elements.
  • HVAC burners/ heat exchangers: The HVAC industry uses many aluminum steel products. HVAC equipment must resist water damage and corrosive liquids, such as Freon. The aluminized coating on the steel products prevent them from corroding due to these liquids. It is common to see aluminum steel in HVAC heat exchangers and burners.
  • High temperature ducts: Some ductwork has high-temperature air and gasses that flow through the tubing. Aluminum steel is ideal for protecting the ducts and preventing heat damage to the ducts as well as protecting the ducts from corrosive materials.
  • Corrosive pipes: Pipes that move corrosive materials from one place to another cannot break down easily. Aluminized metal pipes are ideal for this task and safely carry contaminated and corrosive materials from one place to another.
  • Cookware: Many steel pots and pans used in the kitchen are actually coated with an aluminum finish. This helps prevent rusting and extends the life of the cookware. Many outdoor cooking utensils and grills are also made from aluminum steel products.
  • Automotive parts: Aluminum-coated steel is ideal for use with automobiles. Many components of a vehicle have aluminum-coated steel, including mufflers, engine parts, and other automotive components.

Since aluminum-coated steel is so versatile, the steel industry is stronger than ever. Unless metalworkers find a better coating than aluminum, this kind of metal will be around for a long time.