Wisconsin Manufacturing: A State Preparing for Growth

Manufacturing has always been a vital part of the Wisconsin economy; currently the manufacturing sector is responsible for 16 percent of all Wisconsin’s private employment while the national percentage is around 9 percent. With manufacturing being such an important factor to the Wisconsin economy you can understand that it may be alarming to hear that recent reports have shown that the manufacturing sector has been on a slight decline for the past three months.

The manufacturing index was around 46.55 a slight decline from May’s 47.7. A number below 50 indicates decline in a market while anything above 50 shows growth. January through March posted numbers above the 50 mark while the past few months have been just below 50. However, this is no reason for major alarm as the measure of employment was at 52.65 showing that jobs are still growing which is a sure sign of growth within any industry.

One of the biggest issues within Wisconsin manufacturing is finding skilled workers to take these manufacturing jobs. Technical colleges are striving to fill those needs by offering 15 week courses to students of all ages in skill focused classes such as welding, CNC machining, and other manufacturing specific skills. These classes provide students with the necessary experiences and around 86% of students find a job within three months of graduating.

On top of the increase in jobs, certain industries are also seeing growth within Wisconsin. A leader in the plastics industry is expanding their facility in an effort to keep up with demands of their customers who are also experience increased growth. This $3 million expansion will add top of the line manufacturing equipment as well as 15 more full time jobs.

So while on the surface reports show a decline in Wisconsin manufacturing, a little digging shows plenty of optimistic signs for growth within the manufacturing sector of the state. From the increase in jobs available to the colleges that are filling those jobs with qualified students, you will find that Wisconsin will not be on the decline for long. Rather they are gearing up for significant growth in the future.