Wire Baskets: Invention and Innovation

I have always been fascinated by history and the evolution of ideas and inventions that have brought our world to its current state. Take wire forms for instance. Before there could be wire forms, such as shelves and hooks and baskets, there had to be wire. Wire was first created and used in the making of jewelry and dates back to the second dynasty in Egypt. There were many uses for wire in early human history, but the first wire mill wasn’t established until 1568. And from there many wire forms were created, including wire baskets.

Wire baskets have many uses and have been used in a number of inventions themselves. Josephine Cochrane invented the first working dishwasher in 1886, by building wire baskets that held the dishes and fitted on a wheel inside a copper boiler. A motor turned the wheel as hot, soapy water shot up from the bottom. Wire baskets were also used in the invention of the shopping cart by Sylvan Nathan Goldman in 1937 and were used around the same time in the development of the freight bicycle.

Today, wire baskets are used in manufacturing facilities, aiding in the production of other products. And so the cycle continues. I love how inventions inspire innovations inspire inventions inspire innovations in a never ending evolution of production and progress. There are a million different uses for wire baskets and forms. And we will continue to find new uses, new processes, new ways of thinking and creating because that’s how the human brain works. Invention, it’s what separates us from every other species on earth.