Wire Forming with Merrill Manufacturing Corporation

Wire Forms


As a world leader in the custom wire forming industry Merrill Manufacturing Corporation has nearly a century of experience in our field. Established in 1916, Merrill has concentrated our efforts into providing our customers with the custom wire formed products that they rely on. Specializing in low carbon steel we also possess the capability to work with many diverse materials a few examples include stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum however there are many others on this list. Located in Merrill, Wisconsin we remain dedicated to shipping products to faithful customers all across the globe.

Using our innovative technology Merrill Manufacturing Corporation assists companies in eliminating extraneous metal waste as well as secondary machining operations. Using these and other tactics Merrill Manufacturing enables operations efficiency and lower inventory expenditures to many companies around the world. With over ninety-five years of industrial processes experience, an ISO 9001:2000 certification and a very high knowledge of custom wire forming it is no wonder why people choose Merrill Manufacturing to fulfill all of their wire forming needs. Just a small list of products that we offer include grills, racks, finger guards, hose brackets, water intake screens as well as a diverse selection of many other products.

Skilled engineers and technicians from Merrill Manufacturing Corporation will work closely with you to come up with a custom wire formed product to fit any need. We have the necessary knowledge as well as innovative technology to make any wire formed product that you can think of a possibility. Through the dedication and the hard work of our employees Merrill Manufacturing Corporation has upheld our reputation as an industry super giant. To learn more about Merrill, email our exceptionally trained customer service representatives or visit our user friendly website and browse around today!