Sanding and Painting Decks

Spring is finally here! Which means it is time to finish up the spring cleaning, and begin touching up the house and yard, things that those of us in Michigan are unable to do until the warmth begins to set in. For my family, this is the year the deck finally needs to be re-done. The railings need to be repainted and the flooring needs to be sanded down and faviconrefinished. This is definitely not my favorite task in the world, but it does make my dad more generous about letting me use up way to much gas driving around in the boat, so I will sacrifice a few days lending a hand.

This is one task that takes a number of brushes. The first step is to scrap of all of the old paint and sand it down. To do so, a wire brush is often a good choice. The tough bristles, made of brass, steel, stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, nickel silver, copper or titanium, are tough, abrasive and very durable; making them the perfect candidates for scrapping off all the unwanted paint. They also can be great for numerous other occasions including rust removal. This could be helpful on the various nails and screws holding the boards together.

Once this long process is finished, a softer brush is often used for the re-finishing. For us, we often choose a soft nylon brush. These can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are able to provide a smooth, glossy finish to the wood. When the flooring is finally done, the railings are repainted. This can be done with the same brush used for the finish after it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. These brushes, like wire brushes, can also be used for a wide range of applications from scrubbing to dusting to surface finishing.