Weldaloy Products Company Forging in Copper and Aluminum


Weldalody Products LogoWeldaloy Specialty Forgings is a forging and machining specialist based in Warren, Michigan. We service a range copper, aluminum, titanium, super-alloys, and other non-ferrous metals. Our values and custom designs set us apart from the rest, and we create designs catered to your material needs. We are a vertically integrated company, from procurement of raw material to various forging processes, with more control over the whole process. With increased quality, shorter lead times, reduced delays and our hands on it every step of the way, we are able to provide a convenient service and save your time and money. Weldaloy is a simple, one stop shop for your forging and machining needs. Forging, machining, heat-treating, and testing all in one place, make there no need for multiple suppliers. We offer consistent quality and accuracy on all orders, from accessible technical experts with over 60 years of material and industry expertise. Your customer input is what drives Weldaloy and we are forging meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, and our community through development of advanced manufacturing of non-ferrous products. With over 6 decades in our industry, we are confident Weldaloy will exceed and surpass your forging and machining needs. With an expansive industry knowledge and resource center available, we hope to answer all questions you may have. Feel free to visit our website to read more about our products and services we provide, or give us a call with any general inquiries you may have.