4 Shapes for Water Tanks

Plastic water tank manufacturers create a variety of water tank shapes for many different industrial uses. These water tanks are used to hold water for a variety of processes, from chemical cleaning to watering fields or animals in the agricultural industry. Each type of tank is best suited for a particular task. Before choosing a tank style it is a good ideal to consider the variety of plastic tank options out there to ensure you choose the best one for your task.

Vertical drum tanks: A vertical drum tank is a plastic tank that looks like a large drum. These tanks can often hold many gallons of water and are extremely heavy when full. Drum tanks are best suited to stationary uses, such as inside the boundaries of a factory or processing plant. Many versions of these water tanks have openings at the bottom for easy access to the water.

Rounded vertical tanks: A rounded vertical tank is similar to a drum-style tank. However, the rounded walls of the tank make it ideal for outdoor applications. The rounded sides of the tank help prevent dirt and other contaminants from building up on the outside of the tank. The rounded tank walls can sometimes hold more liquid than the straight sided tanks.

Horizontal tanks: A horizontal tank is low to the ground. It is typically used in stationary locations where water needs to be pumped out of a location and into something else. Plastic water tank manufacturers often make horizontal tanks for farm, construction, and water treatment uses.

Bladder tanks: A bladder tank is a portable tank that is extremely lightweight when empty. The flexible walls of the bladder are easy to roll up and compress when not in use, which is ideal for traveling. Bladder tanks come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for transporting from one place to another, such as in construction, agriculture, and mining.